Last week, Digga D dropped off his latest body of work Noughty By Nature, which (including the Extended Edition) contains 23 songs and additional contributions from Maverick Sabre, B-Lovee, Internet Money, Moneybagg Yo, Hotboii, AJ Tracey, ArrDee, and more. During the stoners’ holiday, the West London emcee unveiled a new visual from Noughty By Nature for “Alter Ego,” a track that’s been making its rounds for the past couple of years. Produced by Mokuba Lives, “Alter Ego” sees Digga D providing a formal introduction to Dappz, Shotgun Shane, and Double Tap — all of whom represent his different personalities:

“Rap or trap? Digga D or Dappz? Shotgun Shane, love squeeze that wap, Double Tap, double back it and slap, music thing, got me seein’ these racks. trap boy, I ain’t payin’ no tax, I keep spendin’ money on straps, pendin’ waps and pendin’ packs, oi, Dappz, what’s the chat? I’m in the stu’ I’m in the trap, I’m in the booth, I’m washing this crack, just finished this tune, just finished this pack, ‘Bro put a box in draws, 3-5 on scores,’ it was Digga that said that, but you know that it was Dappz that done that…”

Directed by Digga D with the aid of Argo Films, the accompanying clip for “Alter Ego” shows the rapper bringing those different versions of him to reality, beginning with Digga rapping alongside “Dappz” from opposite sides of a table in what looks like an interrogation room. Things then continue to get more cinematic from there.

According to the Official Charts, Digga D is well on his way to his first number one placement for Noughty By Nature. Prior to that, the equally dope Double Tap Diaries and (last year’s) Made In The Pyrex peaked on the Albums chart at number 11 and 3, respectively.

Press play on “Alter Ego” below.