Record producer and TV personality Benzino is one of the latest to share his thoughts on the Oscars incident and compared the slap to how Tupac was killed.

It may be a new month, but many are still stunned by the actions that took place at the 94th Academy Awards (March 27) when Best Actor recipient Will Smith physically assaulted presenter and fellow actor Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

In a clip posted yesterday (April 5), Benzino sat down with “VladTV” and gave his opinion on how things could have taken a turn for the worse.

“You know, this how Tupac got killed when you think about it. It was at an event, they seen somebody that supposedly took a chain. They jumped him, then later on Pac got shot up in a car. That shit could’ve happened to Will Smith.”

We’re not quite sure what channel Benzino was watching for the Oscars, but that event did not involve any chain snatching. It’s possible he mistakenly watched one of the many reenactment skits posted online, though.

Comments on Instagram drew mixed reactions. While some completely dismissed him with responses like, “Coi, if we didn’t understand you before we do now” or “He acting like he slapped remy ma” — others seemed to agree.

“Biased opinions to the side, that is definitely something you get killed for like it or not,” one user said in defense of Benzino’s comments.

In all seriousness, before ending the interview Benzino did go on to clarify, “That’s why when I hear people saying — especially women — ‘He deserved it,’ I’m like, now what if Will left going to the party and then Will Smith’s car got shot up like Tupac’s? Then everybody’s mourning and going crazy, you know what I’m saying?”

We’re glad that there have been people to intervene and attempt to smooth things over with the two before any further physical damage was done.