Houston rapper Trae tha Truth, who is also widely known for his activism, sprang into action when he saw a video of an elderly woman being robbed in front of her home.

Yesterday (April 4), Trae shared surveillance footage reposted from Houston TV news station KHOU 11, to his Instagram page.

In the heartbreaking footage, an elderly Black woman is seen walking up to the doorway of her home with her purse and a few other small belongings in her hands. Before she can make it to her door, she pauses as she sees a black car pull up to a screeching halt. A young Black man with a mask and a hooded jacket hops out of the car, points a gun at her and proceeds to rob her. The terrified woman throws her belongings down in front of her and pleads with the man as she screams for her life.

“Maan.… This Shit Aint Cool At All, Women And Kids Dont Go…. What if this was one Of Our Momma Or Grandmas… Real Ones Cant Cosign This.… Yall Get Me Her Info………. This Aint The Code At All….. Yall Get Me To Her..,” Trae tha Truth captioned the video.

After the video was posted to his page, Trae, who was disheartened by what he witnessed in the footage, posted a video of himself speaking about “principles and morals.” He continued, “You don’t prey on the weak,” before letting his followers know he was going to “pull up on her” to “let her know she’s not alone.”

“The moves some of these cats Making Ain’t Solid Or Street, Never Harm Women Kids, Elders… That Could Be One Our Parents or Grandparents smh… Imma Make It My Bizness To Go Find Her Today,” is what Trae posted along with the video.

Thanks to Trae using his platform to speak out and spread awareness about the troubling incident, he was able to locate the elderly woman. A few hours after his original post, Trae is seen standing with the woman in front of her home, embracing her in a photo that reads, “I Made It To Her….. I Made Sure She know That Real Ones Dont Stand By Or Approve What Happen To Her… And Also Blessed Her. Protect Our Own. Told Her She Should Create Her Own personal Go fund because a lot of people want to help her.“

Trae made it a point to protect her identity by covering her face in the photo.