Today, Deante’ Hitchcock unveils a new EP titled Everyday the 14TH, which contains four new songs and additional appearances from Bairi, Dende, DaVionne, JaelSpeaks, Chris Patrick, and ELHAE. Via press release, Hitchcock spoke on the meaning behind the short project:

“This EP is about not taking relationships, situationships, or whatever you’re in at the moment too seriously … Those times are fun, man, let it be that. It’s not always love, but sometimes it is. Only way to find out is to find out, right? This year a lot of my music is gonna be about finding out.”

Everyday the 14TH was preceded by the Brandon Phillips-Taylor and Billy Blunt-produced “Neck Up,” a pretty direct ode to fellatio that originally made landfall on Valentine’s Day — a holiday that’s perfect for the song’s subject matter:

“Shawty, pull up and just get straight to it, soon as the door close, we ain’t gotta Netflix and chill, when she send the purple pickle on the text, I’m knowin’ what’s comin’ next, ’cause lil’ boo already knowin’ the deal, you know everything kosher, just like it’s supposed to, 2 o’clock in the morn’, hit my phone and I’m comin’ over, popped up like a toaster, left the kids on the sofa, suckin’ me ’til I cum, I’m tryna keep my composure…”

Neck Up” also came with a short visual courtesy of Selfless Images that brings the adults-only number to life, with slowed footage showing both Deante’ Hitchcock and his love interest preparing and ultimately engaging in a quick rendezvous in Hitchcock‘s car. Adding to the humor factor are two subsequent skits that parody the infamous television series “Cheaters,” complete with a naive husband (or boyfriend) that’s soon to learn the truth about his significant other’s infidelity.

Check out both Everyday the 14TH and the aforementioned clips below.