M1llionz continues to deliver smash hits for his exponentially growing fanbase, seemingly with little effort. His latest drop is the Jevon and HONEYWOODSIX-produced “Bando Spot,” a clever flip of 50 Cent’s The Massacre classic “Candy Shop” that takes us through M1llionz’s past street profession in succinct detail:

“Jakes wanna watch what we do, and where we move, are we sharing food, or preparing yutes, if you rob this pack, don’t declare it’s you’, cause when we come back, it’s a scary move, whip it for me baby, nice and fast, make sure you wipe the crumbs from the edge of the glass, lock the door, grab my shank when I step in the trap…”

The Teeeezy C-directed clip immediately matches the song’s subject matter with shots of M1llionz in a literal bando of sorts, complete with some co-ed co-workers that may remind viewers of the Carter operation from the classic film New Jack City. The Birmingham star can also be seen in a lavish residence with even more beautiful women, outside with a masked up posse, and more, further solidifying his position as one of the most authentic emcees in UK drill and music overall.

“Bando Spot” is said to be taken from M1llionz’s forthcoming M1 EP, which will presumably also feature well-received singles like “Lagga,” “BADNIS,” and “How Many Times,” the last of which made landfall back in March and featured an assist from Lotto Ash. Produced by TobiShyBoy, “How Many Times” saw M1llionz reflecting on the paths — wrong or right — that he’s chosen to take throughout his life, bringing about feelings that many of his listeners can probably relate to:

“How many times did I send man money? But when I was locked man didn’t get a penny, how many times had my bro had a madness and phone me to come and I was already ready? How many times did I turn on the telly? See suttin’ get taped, bro showed me already…”

Press play on both “Bando Spot” — and, if you missed it, “How Many Times” — below.