Lil Wayne’s discography is filled with clever bars that depict his lyricism and wordplay while providing some evergreen captions for social media posts. While it would be great to believe all of his lines were intentional, his manager diclosed that one of his famous lyrics was a mistake.

Cortez Bryant appeared on an episode of Andrew Shore’s “Fake Shore Drive” show where he revealed that Wayne’s “Weezy F. Baby, and the F is for phenomenal” lyric in the song track “Yes” was written in error.

“The word starts with ‘ph,’ but he said ‘f,’ right?” Bryant told Shore. “He was like, ‘Oh sh-t, I gotta change that.’ We released it. We had an argument about that. He not understanding the concept about digital, and it’s gone now…We had pressed tons of CDs, but he didn’t realize he spelled it wrong, and I didn’t catch it.”

According to Bryant, Wayne, who he described as a “perfectionist,” was really adamant about fixing his mistake and was ready to rid of the entire mixtape when he couldn’t.

“Wayne is a perfectionist about that, using his words and prepositions in [the] correct way,” Bryant said. “He might misspell something on purpose for lyrical exercise and wordplay, but he’s really precise about his wordplay. He was really down, pissed, ‘F-ck the whole mixtape’ just because of that one damn line.”

In the interview, Bryant also shared his plans to get all of Wayne’s mixtapes on streaming platforms, noting getting samples cleared as well as other legal aspects make the process a bit difficult.

Bryant has been sharing a lot of great news regarding Wayne lately. During a conversation on Brian “B.Dot” Miller’s “Art of Facts” podcast, he hinted at a possibility of a joint tour between Weezy and Drake.

When Miller suggested that the duo follow up their 2014 shows with another tour, Bryant confirmed that “they talked about it.” “I do think we need to do it again,” he said.

Look below for Bryant’s appearance on the “Fake Shore Drive” show.