Master P is sending some words of advice to Monica and Kim Kardashian-West as they work toward freeing his brother Corey “C-Murder” Miller from prison.

C-Murder was arrested in 2002 in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. He received a life sentence in 2009 and appealed his conviction, but the court upheld it. He has continued to maintain his innocence to this day.

Master P has long been active in trying to free his brother from jail and insists he’s grateful for the assistance Monica and Kardashian-West are bringing to the table, but he warns the fight against the Louisiana justice system is no walk in the park.

“My whole thing is getting my brother home. Whatever anybody do that’s gonna spark that plug, I appreciate it,” said Master P in an interview with TMZ. “But like I said, Louisiana is not the same like all the rest of these places.”

Master P alerts their mission is an uphill battle that he’s already spent an excessive amount of money on but hopes Kardashian-West’s influence may help some.

“I hope it’s all for the right reasons with all these people,” he continued. “Louisiana is serious. We done spent millions of dollars throughout all these years and, you know, this place has a lot of corruption. Hopefully, Kim K and her celebrity status— but, this is not going to be easy.”

Kardashian-West, an advocate for prison reform, recently joined Monica on their mission to help release the former No Limit star.

In a series of tweets, she summarized the details of his case, noting that retracted statements, “new evidence of his potential innocence has come to light” and “claims of jurors being pressured into voting to convict” support her belief that he was wrongfully incarcerated.

Monica has also claimed C-Murder, who was her boyfriend years before his arrest, is innocent and has pledged to continuously support him and help in the fight for his freedom.

Kardahian-West and Monica will work alongside Human Rights Attorney Jessica Jackson and REFORM Alliance Policy Director Erin Haney in their mission to get Master P’s brother released from jail, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

C-Murder expressed his gratitude for the two women, noting the effects their support has had on his life.

“7 months ago I called @monicadenise & she conferenced in @kimkardashian!” he wrote on Instagram. “I did not know Moses had been working to reach Kim. After our call for the first time in 19 years, I slept!! You can rest behind these walls but never do you actually sleep! My case had been stagnant for years!”

Despite being incarcerated, C-Murder published many books to help provide financial support to his children. “I am a man so it was no one’s responsibility to save me & no one attempted to!” he continued. “But when you trust God he will send his angels! This message is to any man or woman fighting the injustices of the system, DONT EVER GIVE UP!!! And do as I am. Focus on the Blessings, not the Betrayals! #TruStory #FREECoreyMiller.”

Boosie Badazz is excited about the potential of C-Murder’s release from jail. He declared he’ll forever support Kardashian-West if her attempts at bringing the incarcerated rapper home are successful.

Still banned from Instagram, Boosie went on Twitter and made a public promise to the reality star.“@kimkardashianwest If You Free CMurder I Got You For Life,” he tweeted. “That’s On Bleek.

Watch the video below to hear what Master P had to say to Monica and Kardashian-West.