If you see a fire outfit online, there’s a high chance that Lil’ Kim wore something like it decades ago. Born Kimberly Denise Jones, the mega-talent is the true definition of a fashion girl.

The Queen Bee MC has cemented her icon status in music while building a legacy in fashion — from experimenting with unique hairstyles and colors to being adored by esteemed designers and stylists like Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Misa Hylton and more. Known for her daring and versatile style, ranging from streetwear to couture, the pioneer has shown the world Hip Hop belongs in the world of high fashion.

The living legend’s unpredictable looks have kept us on our toes since the ’90s. She’s not afraid to flaunt her physique and has also delivered countless head-to-toe monochromatic ‘fits that we can never forget.

1. 1999 MTV Video Music Awards

You know we had to start off with a bang. The embellished purple jumpsuit Lil' Kim wore to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards is arguably one of her most famous looks. This piece wasn’t just any old jumpsuit; the asymmetrical number with shimmering embroideries fully covered her right arm and one side of her chest. The other side of her upper body was more risqué as a pasty covered one breast. She topped off the look with purple hair. We haven’t been the same since seeing the New York rapper in this outfit. “Lives were changed,” as the kids say on the internet.

2. 1999 Met Gala

Before Beyoncé’s “Check On It” video and Cam’ron’s famous pink outfit, there was Lil’ Kim’s all-pink Versace look at the 1999 Met Gala. She also made history that evening as the first rapper ever invited to the event, known as “fashion’s biggest night.” To align with the “Rock Style” theme, the trailblazer wore a long pink fur coat over a bejeweled pink two-piece and pink snakeskin boots. As if that wasn't enough, she completed the look with incredible pink and blonde hair.

3. “Crush On You” music video

The successful artist will commit to a look from head to toe. In her “Crush on You” music video, the Queen Bee Entertainment founder made it clear that she was the queen of monochrome. She alternated between blue, red, green and yellow looks while corresponding her hairstyles with each color. Hylton, the renowned stylist who developed Lil’ Kim’s looks for the visual, told Essence that she was inspired by The Wiz. The song appeared on the rapper’s debut album, Hard Core, and its accompanying video showed how she hit the ground running as a fashion icon early in her career.

4. 1997 MTV Video Music Awards

Lil’ Kim gave her fans a taste of royalty at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards when she wore a golden, beaded, Cleopatra-like two-piece with a matching headpiece. Celebrities tend to have a little bit more fun with fashion at the VMAs. Could it be that the so-called Queen of Rap started the wave?

5. 2006 MTV Video Music Awards

Presenting the Best Male Performance award at the 2006 MTV VMAs, Lil’ Kim rocked an orange jumpsuit on stage. As the crowd cheered, the “Lighters Up” rapper cheekily removed it to reveal a sleek black outfit with a dazzling gold corset. The award show aired shortly after she was released from her almost-one-year-long prison stint. Lil’ Kim wanted the audience and her fans — or haters — to know she was back, and she chose to do it with much grandeur.

6. 1998 opening night of the “Gypsy Passion” Benefit Breast Cancer Alliance

The Grammy Award-winning artist is a risk-taker, which is why fans love her. On the opening night of the “Gypsy Passion” Benefit Breast Cancer Alliance in 1998, Lil’ Kim delivered a little black dress moment. She paired a peekaboo-black mini dress with platinum blonde hair, complete with pointed bangs.

7. The “No Way Out Tour” in 1997

Lil’ Kim and furs go together perfectly, and we aren't complaining. In 1997, she performed on stage for the “No Way Out Tour,” donning a neon green fur with a matching bikini, shoes and sunglasses. To top it off, she rocked whitish-blonde hair as the ultimate contrasting element.

8. 2022 BET Awards

At the 2022 BET Awards, the "Magic Stick” lyricist delivered her signature moves while wearing an all-black, skin-tight, mixed-fabric, two-piece with cutouts. She added more than a pop of color with turquoise, aquamarine hair styled into a wet look. The hairstyle and outfit combination commanded the audience’s attention.

9. “Not Tonight (Ladies’ Night Remix)” music video

The blonde tousled updo and all-white outfit in the “Not Tonight (Ladies’ Night Remix)” music video was a standout look. Because fashion is cyclical, the next generation of artists are wearing hairstyles like Lil’ Kim’s in the 1997 video. This shows how influential she is.

10. Interview Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Party

Business on the left, party on the right.

Lil’ Kim does not follow trends; she sets them. In 1999, the “The Jump Off” rapper wore asymmetrical, gem-encrusted pants that fully draped one leg. She showed off her other leg, which was adorned with metal chains. Jewels were also a primary feature on the legend’s bra and headpiece. The blonde “buss down” also covered parts of her chest, which created a mermaid-like look.

11. 2000 MTV Video Music Awards

Clearly, the VMAs are Lil Kim’s playground because every time she attends, her red carpet outfits leave audiences wowed. In 2000, she wore an orange, pointed-cup, cutout bodysuit paired with a matching cover-up and shoes.

12. 1998 Soul Train Music Awards

This look proved that maximalism is the way to go, especially for Lil’ Kim. Her outfit for the 1998 Soul Train Music Awards offered not-so-subtle details like the silver jewel-encrusted headpiece and matching sleeves that complemented her gem-studded dress — peep the fringe of the shoes, y’all!

13. 2001 MTV Movie Awards

If anyone’s going to stand out on the red carpet, it’s going to be the “Lady Marmalade” MC. She also doesn’t shy away from showing a little skin every now and then. The fashion killer’s look for the 2001 MTV Movie Awards was the center of attention. Lil' Kim wore eye-catching red and gold flowers as a bra and paired it with low-rise printed jeans.

14. Versace Spring/Summer 2001 Fashion Show

Black women are always leading the way in innovation and creativity, especially in the world of beauty and hair, and this look was only one example.

Beyond her versatility with clothing, Lil’ Kim makes sure to incorporate her hair into every single ensemble. At the 2001 Spring/Summer Versace show, she wore a blonde hairstyle with bangs. However, the most iconic part was the Versace logo sprayed onto her hair. The lyricist has also done the same with the Chanel logo.

15. Ray J's “Wait A Minute” music video

Why do quiet luxury when you can wear Fendi head to toe? Instead of shying away from designer logos, the fashion mogul boldly wore the Italian brand’s jacket and boots, and statement “K” earrings on set for the music video for “Wait A Minute” — her collaboration with Ray J. Whenever you are hesitant about putting on an outfit you think is too much, ask yourself, “What would Lil’ Kim do?”

16. 1998 Grammy Awards

Who needs pants anyway?

We love it when celebrities go against the grain at award shows. At the 40th annual Grammy Awards, Lil’ Kim’s category was legs. The trendsetter gave the girls glamour when she wore black sparkling pants, a glittery sheer duster and black gloves. While the silver shimmering tights really stole the show, her blonde bouffant hair contrasted the striking black getup.

17. 2002 Grammy Awards

We were here for the rapper’s bright red biker moment at the 44th annual Grammy Awards. This was not just any motorcyclist-inspired outfit either — only Lil’ Kim would bring a Chanel helmet to the red carpet. Nobody can tell us she isn’t a fashion girl.