Earlier this month, content creator Drew Walls was the target of numerous jokes and jabs for setting up a tripod and documenting his day online. One of his viral clips featured a soundbite of Drake’s “Virginia Beach” from For All The Dogs as he visited Target for a store run.

To the surprise of many social media users, the Chicago native got the ultimate co-sign from Drake this past Saturday (Jan. 20). The rapper shared a video from his Toronto mansion while he did his skincare routine, showed off his bartending skills and lounged in front of a fireplace. He captioned the clip, “[Drew Walls], you tweaking my [boy]… Got me on my bulls**t.”

Druski, Winni Harlow, Yeat, Tay Keith and more hopped in the comment section with jokes and hilarious reactions. Lil Yachty commented, “Finally, everybody who always [asks] me what he does in a day can finally see for [their] self.”

Today (Jan. 25), Walls spoke with Complex about going viral and seeing the “Nonstop” hitmaker hop on the trend. “Like, I have been through so much in my life. I gotta catch a break, but to see it go to a Drake post, man… Nah, I ain’t see it go to that.”

“I go to sleep, wake up, and then I seen this n**ga had tagged me in a video. I’m like, ‘Ain’t no way,’ and it’s like how he did it too. Like he said, ‘Drew Walls, you tweaking my boy, you got me on my bulls**t.’ I couldn’t believe it,” the influencer told the publication. “I’m like, there’s no way. He is, like, the biggest rapper in the game. Like, you could say top five [of] all time. Like, that was crazy.”

Earlier today, Drake took a jab at Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville after a video call of his frequent collaboration, Young Thug, leaked online.