Earlier today (Jan. 4), Cam’ron, Ma$e, and Treasure Wilson kicked off the third season of “It Is What It Is,” which saw them delivering humorous takes on various topics within sports and current events. Before the episode began, Cam’ron appeared on camera in an empty studio to deliver a celebratory freestyle — one that lasted for about three minutes. Over a flip of D’Angelo’s “Cruisin’,” the Hip Hop veteran rapped about his love life, street background, and financial success.

“Saturday’s deposits, Chase and SunTrust, word to Donald, ain’t no one will ever trump us, ’bout to put that in my bio, I’m a Harlem n**ga, got accepted by Ohio, how? Why? ‘Cause I was really out there with them,” Cam rapped to his viewers.

Back in August 2023, Cam’ron revealed that he and his fellow hosts partnered with sports gaming company Underdog Fantasy in an eight-figure deal. In addition to increasing the output of “It Is What It Is” content, the partnership allowed Cam’ron & Co. to expand the Come And Talk 2 Me network, which includes other shows like “Es Lo Que Es,” “Check Out The Stat,” and the still-in-the-works “Ma$e, Fix My Situation.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Cam’ron spoke on how his media venture came to fruition in an interview with FOX 5 New York. “They’ve been coming to me for years to do a podcast, and do this type of thing, and do that type of thing,” he explained. “I don’t want to talk to people for a living if that’s gonna make my living. So I was like, ‘I love sports and I need to be on television.’ People always offering me to do things on television. Let me create my own show — not somebody give me a show and see how it goes.”