On Thursday (Feb. 8), Mo’Nique took to social media to respond to D.L. Hughley, who blasted the comedienne over comments that she made on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast. Alongside her husband, Sidney Hicks, she offered love and support to Hughley while calling his tactics “disheartening” and denying any malice toward his wife and daughter. “If ever you get courageous enough to wanna have a conversation, we’re always open to it because, doing that, it shows how our community can get better,” Mo’Nique added.

She and Hicks also acknowledged an inaccuracy that was made on “Club Shay Shay.” On Sharpe’s show, she claimed that Hughley was served a cease-and-desist to take down her past appearance on his radio show. She corrected that by admitting that she only included her attorney in email correspondence between both parties — a move that led to Hughley’s decision to take down the interview in question. “When you’re wrong — as we have said to you, ‘Hey, brother, we apologize on that one,” Mo’Nique expressed.

Mo’Nique then used the livestream to address “The Breakfast Club” — specifically host Charlamagne Tha God, who gave himself “Donkey of the Day” for a conflict he had with the Precious actress on-air several years ago. In addition to happily accepting his and DJ Envy’s apology, she showed love to newly minted permanent host Jess Hilarious, who she affectionally described as “a beautiful asset.”

Finally, Mo’Nique closed by announcing that she’ll soon be hitting the stage with Katt Williams, who made an massive impact in the comedy world with his own “Club Shay Shay” appearance.

“Now, y’all know that is my fraternal twin brother, non-biological. Okay?” she stated. “Guess what? I’m gonna be joining my brother, my twin brother Katt Williams, on the ‘Dark Matter Tour.’ So, I am excited, we are excited, I cannot wait to see y’all… And I’ll say this, too, and I told him this. I said, ‘For as funny and as talented as you are, your heart is far bigger.’ And that brother done touched our community, baby, in ways that he’s never even talked about. Those are the real ones.”

Check out Mo’Nique’s entire stream below.