Today (Dec. 15), Sexyy Red appeared on “The Breakfast Club,” where she opened up about her life, her career and the many rumors that have surfaced following her musical success.

One of the bigger topics addressed in the interview was her breakout hit, “Pound Town,” and how it led to a conversation about her discography’s overall subject matter. “People be getting on me. I be like, ‘Why is that the only thing that y’all hear when I say something about a c**chie?'” she questioned. “I talk about all kinds of s**t in my songs. They take the c**chie part and just, ‘That’s all she’s talking about.’ Like, what? That’s all y’all got from that? I be saying all kinds of stuff in my songs.”

Sexyy Red continued, “That song was strictly about ‘Pound Town.’ So that’s nothing. But other songs… Why do y’all think I just rap about that all day? I don’t understand that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she revealed that her contribution to Drake‘s For All The Dogs standout “Rich Baby Daddy” was altered. “Yes, it was,” she told DJ Envy. “He cut pieces up ’cause that [verse] wasn’t even on that beat. It was on another beat, and I did [a 16-bar verse] and probably a little hook, and then he cut it up, chopped it up. He put two different songs together, actually.”

Near the end of the sit-down, Sexyy Red was asked about other successful artists from St. Louis. “They was like the only people that really took off from the city. Not saying SZA didn’t,” she explained, reminding the hosts of the TDE singer’s Missouri origins. “Yeah, she from St. Louis, but people don’t know that. So they’re gonna think Nelly or Chingy and that was like 20 years back.”