Since the debut of Port of Miami in 2006, Rick Ross has proudly crowned himself “The Biggest Boss,” a title that resonates throughout his illustrious career as a hip hop artist and entrepreneur.

From owning a major record label (Maybach Music Group) to establishing a chain of Wingstops, Ross’ entrepreneurial spirit is undeniably inspiring. With 11 studio albums, his discography is a treasure trove of wisdom, each track offering valuable insights into his journey toward success and the creation of a boss lifestyle. Below are the top 15 lyrics from Rick Ross’ extensive catalog that will motivate you to embrace the boss within yourself.

1. The Boss: “I’m the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far.”

What you say can shape your life, and Ross has stuck to this idea from the start. Being a boss isn’t just about money, mansions or owning a business; it’s also a mindset. Ross shows that you need to believe it before you see it. When he wrote those lines, was he already rich? Probably not. Look in the mirror, say to yourself, “I’m the biggest boss you’ve seen thus far,” really believe it, and let your actions show it.

2. Money In The Grave: “Rich n**gas, and I’m really being modest / ‘Cause the way I do my deals, never treated like a[n] artist.”

You won’t catch him accepting just any business offer or deal, and that’s what sets him apart from other rap artists. The boss prioritizes business first and artistry after, earning him respect as a businessman and a mogul. In 2019, when “Money In The Grave” dropped, his net worth was estimated at around $35 million — a substantial figure. Ross’ advice here is to stay humble and focus on good business, letting your artistry speak for itself.

3. Money In The Grave: “My per diem six figures and I’m countin’ / Nine figures was the goal ‘til I hit it / These n**gas ain’t living, so bury mine with me / Ross got it.”

Can you picture raking in six figures daily and seeing a nine-figure check land in your account? If this doesn’t motivate you to make money doing what you love, who knows what will. In the music world, many artists maintain facades and appearances that don’t reflect their real-life experiences, as captured in the line, “These n**gas ain’t living.” However, for this nine-figure boss, it’s a different story. The question remains: Are you next?

4. Devil In A New Dress: “New Mercedes sedan, the Lex’ sport / So many cars, DMV thought it was mail fraud.”

It’s no secret that Rick Ross boasts a massive car collection, totaling over 100 luxury vehicles. The essence of being a boss lies not just in the number of cars but in the financial freedom it affords, enabling one to collect such a fleet and even draw the attention of the DMV.

While the journey to success may not always be easy, Ross’ lyrics serve as a powerful motivator, urging others to put in the work so they too can reap the rewards. This line not only celebrates Ross’ opulent lifestyle but is also major inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve a level of success that’s so extraordinary it prompts others to question its authenticity.

5. You Know I Got It (Reprise): “I just landed in Europe, n**ga / Shopping bags, I’m a tourist, n**ga / Money talk I speak fluent, n**ga / Reeboks on, I just do it, n**ga.”

If you’re into style trends, then you know that most of the high-fashion designer brands are in Europe, which means shopping there isn’t cheap. However, this isn’t an issue since money is the boss’ second language, especially after sealing a multimillion-dollar deal with Reebok. Although that deal is no longer in effect, you can believe that his pockets are still deep.

6. B.M.F.: “Self-made, you just affiliated / I built it ground up, you bought it renovated.”

While others may rely on record labels and partnerships to achieve success, the boss is self-made. Creating his own empire his way with MMG and artists who have achieved major success is not something every rapper can claim. Consider this confirmation to start that business, bring your ideas to life and stop working so hard for everyone else.

7. Hold Me Back: “I multiplied my hustle, stimulated my mind / Motivated my n**gas, and we’ll never divide.”

Rather than letting the cycles of poverty continue, Rozay decided to take action and use his talent to change his life. In doing so, he’s achieved more than just wealth through hustle. Ross has not only increased his own prosperity but has also shared his knowledge with friends, encouraging them to do the same and build a solid, unbreakable team. Ross is sending a clear message: With the right hustle, work ethic and the proper team, nothing can stop you!

8. Push It: “The world is yours / Hundred million or more.”

In a clever nod to the Scarface movie, Ross crafted an affirmation that holds true for anyone who believes in it: “The world is yours.” This statement encourages individuals to take control of their reality and shape it according to their desires. Nothing is off limits, not even $100,000,000. It’s a declaration that transcends limits — a reminder that, as a boss, you have the power to believe it and act accordingly.

9. Push It: “Whoever thought that fat girl would grow into Oprah / Or that boy Rick Ross would be moldin’ the culture.”

Oprah has always been transparent about her difficult journey to becoming a mogul. In this line, Ross reminds us that sometimes when you are working your way to the top, people might not recognize your light or your influence. But keep working because where would Oprah or Ross be now if they never answered their callings?

10. Apple of My Eye: “In a room full of failures, I feel out of place.”

The boss doesn’t resonate with failure or those who embrace it. While acknowledging that things happen and mistakes are made, Ross emphasizes that there is no failure — only lessons. This line also serves as a reminder to be mindful of the company you keep. What surrounds you is what you’ll become, so ensure that the people you keep near are growing and succeeding in their own right, and you will too.

11. Rich N**ga Lifestyle: “I don’t give a f**k about who sold more records / Being self-made give me so much leverage, boss.”

While other artists argue on social media about record sales, Ross is more concerned with being his own boss in every avenue. The ability to own your art and control how you use your talent is true boss status. Many people have sold millions of albums but never seen $1 million dollars. In this bar, Ross points out that it’s about ownership over popularity.

12. MC Hammer: “I’m just advising, my profits rising / N**gas buying stocks in a n**ga like I’m Verizon.”

Once you’ve settled into the boss position, you can ease off the hard work, focusing on advising and delegating while still bringing in profits. In this bar, Ross emphasizes how he’s maximized his talents and abilities, attracting investment from others. There are levels to being a boss, and when you reach this point, you’ll realize you’re close to being the biggest — just like Ross.

13. God Did: “I can go and buy a bank, I know my money safe.”

This is the ultimate flex. Just picture how it would feel to have so much money that you could buy a bank. That’s likely the same feeling Rick Ross had in the trenches, working hard to turn that vision into reality. This line should definitely inspire you to take action and do something today that makes you a boss.

14. Blow: “Hard work pays off, I’m a boss, you can tell.”

This entire song revolves around the concept of financial freedom and the joy of having enough money to do whatever you want, whenever you want. By the time “Blow” was released, Rick Ross had firmly established himself in the game with Port of Miami, and his record label was thriving. It’s a testament to the idea that when you work hard, you can indeed play harder.

15. Blow: “Mill ticket for the view, this is what I do / When I’m on the beach, all my diamonds salt water blue.”

When going on vacation, nothing is more important than the views, right? Ross’ boss lifestyle has granted him the privilege of waking up to a beautiful view every single day — no vacation necessary. His $35 million mansion on Star Island provides breathtaking sights and beach access fit for a boss with blue diamonds to match. Are you motivated yet?