“Basketball Wives LA” newbie Brittany Renner was the special guest for the live filming of The Jason Lee Show” at REVOLT WORLD. One standout moment from the episode came when host Lee compared the famous socialite to Wack 100 because she’s unapologetically herself.

While the two clarified some of the truths she shared in her book “Judge This Cover,” where she disclosed details of her dating journey with celebrity men, the 31-year-old spoke on what a soulmate is to her. Following Renner’s answer, Lee sang her praises, professing how intellectual the influencer is despite critics’ opinions. “I told y’all this girl is smart,” the Hollywood Unlocked founder said to the audience. “That’s why if you ever follow her on Instagram, she has millions, and millions and millions of followers.”

Following this compliment to Renner’s strategic moves and authenticity, Lee described her as the female version of his friend and celebrity manager Wack 100, who is often in the blogs for sharing his raw perspective on gossip and news surrounding public figures, despite the backlash he sometimes receives for doing so.

“You’re like the female Wack 100 and let me explain that,” Lee said to the fitness model, who wasn’t excited to hear the name-drop in comparison. The live viewers’ response revealed that there didn’t seem to be many fans of the music executive in the audience as they disagreed with the media maven’s statement. In response to the crowd’s reaction, Lee defended his friend while simultaneously commenting on some unexpected tea and throwing shade another entertainment blogger’s way.

“Uh uhhh… don’t do my boy… Wack said he f**cked Tasha K. That’s the thing y’all need to judge him on,” Lee joked with attendees. “‘Cause I called him the other night and said, ‘Wack, no you did not take that gremlin anywhere.'” Following the commentary, the crowd burst out in laughter and shock. To get back to the topic at hand, Renner asked, “How am I the [female] Wack 100? Let’s get back to that.” The media personality replied, “Because you literally say and do whatever you [want].”

Despite not having beef with Wack, she wanted to know why Lee couldn’t name someone else. “There’s not another man that does that? You kidding me? Any rappers? Like c’mon, give me something… like actors,” she said in response to his explanation. This caused the famed host to ask the crowd, “Is that a bad comparison? Take it back?” And they answered with a loud, “Yes!”

Still puzzled by the correlation, the reality star professed to Lee, “I mean, I don’t know Wack 100 personally, so I don’t take jabs at people first… I bully bullies, but I mean… Yeah, I just am like where do we align?”

He answered by saying, “Meaning, I feel like you’re both… I’ll put it [this way]… me and you… we’re all unapologetic.”

The entrepreneur admitted to feeling like Lee could’ve given her, her flowers without mentioning another person, specifically Wack 100. “You could’ve just said that, sweetie. Comparison is a thief of joy, so let me just be me,” she quipped. The crowd rooted in her favor and Lee joked with them by saying, “You know what’s so crazy? Just 10 minutes ago, I liked all of y’all, and now I see you all [for] who you really are.”

Lee cleared the air and went on to explain that what essentially led to him making the comparison was Renner stepping into a new role, reality TV, which he feels takes a “certain level of fearlessness” and “a lot of courage.” “To do reality TV, it does take a lot of courage because you’re putting yourself out there, you’re being very vulnerable, you’re letting the world judge you. Everybody has an opinion,” he added.

The one-on-one continued on smoothly as they dove deep into Renner’s viral antics, personal life, and perspective on the circumstances she’s endured in the last few years.