In urban neighborhoods, many kids feel like there are unfortunately only two ways to make it out — play ball or do music. This year, Flau’jae Johnson has proven that you can do both and much more if you put your mind to it. The Savannah, Georgia-bred hooper and emcee has been balancing both talents since her youth. Johnson always loved playing basketball even as a kid.

Although hooping was definitely a passion, making music flows through her DNA. Johnson was heavily influenced by her father, Camouflage, a popular rapper in her region who passed a few months before she was born.

In just one year with LSU, the multitalented star secured a National Championship, a record deal with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation, and over $2 million in NIL sponsorships. She and her teammate Angel Reese have helped revitalize the talks around women’s basketball nationwide. Their Final Four championship game amassed more viewers than the men’s championship matchup.

Today, Johnson is living on cloud nine. Following a busy yet successful season, she has been on the road doing press runs for her musical career while maintaining her air-tight training schedule.

The Lil Wayne-inspired bar spitter recently flexed her hip hop knowledge on Red Bull’s rap trivia show. Popular sneakerhead Anna Bediones joined the 2023 national champ as they went head-to-head against Oakland rapper Kamaiyah and rising artist Horsepowar, making it “Red Bull Rap IQ’s” first episode with an all-female guest lineup. The installment came shortly after the athlete’s viral “Red Bull 60 Seconds Freestyle.”

On the heels of much success, check out REVOLT’s exclusive interview with the multi-dimensional Flau’jae Johnson below!

During the unique game show “Red Bull Rap IQ,” you showed a different side of your personality. What was the most enjoyable part of the experience?

Just being on set with different types of people and other artists. Kamaiyah was funny as hell on set. We didn’t even talk about making music together, but we had a great time. I will hit her up about making music soon; that would be cold.

You are known for being one of the best-dressed hoopers. How would you say your drip off the court emulates your drip on it?

I just like putting colors together. I definitely like a good set. I like colors that pop, you know, like very defining colors. My on-the-court drip is kind of weak right now; I cannot lie. I am a hard-nosed player, but I got to work on my on-court drip. But I got a couple more years to figure it out.

Winning is just something you seem to do effortlessly. How do you stay motivated after so much success in your first year at LSU?

I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of my capabilities. I still don’t feel like I accomplished anything just yet. I am just trying to get better, mentally and physically. I just want to be the best version of myself.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of social media?

My favorite part is that you can get the word out quickly for whatever you do. The only downside is that people are so negative on there. I really hate negative interactions. It’s dope that I can kick it with my fans, and they can hear my music, but the trolls have to go.

How do you balance your time in the booth and in the gym?

I have been doing this my whole life. Traits like discipline and consistency are something I have been trying to keep going. That is what helps me stay balanced.

After the shoutout from Cardi B on “Put It On Da Floor Again,” LSU has been getting major love from top people in the industry. What is the craziest DM or follow you received on Instagram?

I just found out Teddy Riley reposted a video of me rapping! Like, Teddy Riley. That is huge. That is a real legend right there.

Your latest track, “Big 4 Anthem,” and other freestyles have gone viral. Do you like freestyling or dropping records more?

I love making records. Like, I can spit and enjoy freestyling, but I love making songs because I can show my versatility. I cannot wait for the fans to start hearing my new music.

If you had to pick a starting five with people who inspire you on and off the court, who would be on it?

Just anybody? In no order… Tupac, Kobe Bryant, Steve Harvey, Mark Cuban, and LeBron James. Probably those five!