Today (July 24), Smino unveiled a new visual for “Ole A** Kendrick,” a Monte Booker and PRODXVZN-backed offering that sees him rapping about a cold weather interaction with a special someone.

“Just seen my very favorite b**ch inside my very favorite city, it was very cheeky, there we are inside the car, we gettin’ busy, I was playin’ some old a** Kendrick, very entertained to thinkin’ they was Britney, told her I was gon’ call her Lit-ney, said she like smokin’ ’til she dizzy, okay, cool, pull out the good medicine, it’s wintertime, wintertime, wintertime in the city, let thе heat blast, turn up the Ari, cracked it in thе cold, Smino DaVinci, had to make sure she five-star me…”

The accompanying clip for “Ole A** Kendrick” comes courtesy of Hidji and brings viewers to Paris, where Smino rides around the French capital in a fly convertible. The St. Louis native can also be spotted in other locations with beautiful women hanging around him.

“Ole A** Kendrick” is the latest single from 2022’s Luv 4 Rent, a 15-song body of work with additional assists from J. Cole, Doechii, Fatman Scoop, Kal Banx, Lucky Daye, Lil Uzi Vert, Ravyn Lenae, and more. In a recent interview for REVOLT’s “Studio Sessions” series, Smino’s manager, Chris Classick, provided some insight into how that album came to fruition.

“When it comes to Luv 4 Rent, that was three years in the making,” he said. “We have a first version of it [that] we decided not to drop because of the pandemic. During the pandemic, he made She Already Decided. When everything started to open back up, he started making music, and it started to develop into the version of Luv 4 Rent we hear now.”

Press play on Smino‘s “Ole A** Kendrick” video below.