Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade welcomed Baby Drill for today’s (July 13) episode of “Big Facts.” The trio spoke with the Georgia native about his budding musical career, maintaining his success, and how the pride of today’s generation affects our culture.

Baby Drill started making his mark in the hip hop world a little less than two years ago. Inspired by rappers like Young Nudy and encouraged to persevere by his colleague, 2Feet, Baby Drill began to take his new career seriously. “I was making it [a song] just to make it. I was just playing around. It was too many people in my camp saying, ‘Go for it,’ so I’m like, ‘Oh yea, these ni**as fu**ing with it. I got to see what the world talking about,’” said the young emcee as he recalled the first time 2Feet put him in the studio. He’s had such a commendable start, as he already has features and visuals with other prominent artists like 21 Savage, G Herbo, and Nudy. The “Slight Dub” rapper was excited to share his goal of working with J. Cole and may already have something underway with Drake.

Moreover, before the music game, Baby Drill attended Georgia Tech to pursue a trade in welding. His efforts were made to satisfy his mom’s dream for his life. However, it was difficult for the emerging artist to find a healthy balance between being outside and nurturing his education. “A ni**a was just so attached to his environment,” he shared.

Moreover, the Stockbridge resident was charged with armed robbery at age 15 and sent to boot camp. Big Bank was curious about the pivotal moment that made him want to turn his life around for the better. There was no shame when Baby Drill expressed that hearing his long list of charges during intake was eye-opening and made him want to do better. Unfortunately, the loss of his brother also put things into perspective for him, as he noted that there was much more to living life than being in the streets. “Everybody has options when it comes to getting out the streets,” the young star admitted.

With his newfound fame, he shared with “Big Facts” how he handles encountering his fans in public places. Although he doesn’t go out of his way to speak to anyone, he did note that when his fans approach him for a picture, he is more than happy to share the moment with his supporters.

Furthermore, Baby Drill encouraged young people to “stay in school. Put them guns down and stop the violence. Get some money and run it up.” We can expect new music from the artist this summer, and he also noted that he most recently opened up for 21 Savage at Birthday Bash.

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