Multiplatinum producer Vinny Venditto helped create “What’s Free” for Meek Mill, “Roman Holiday” for Nicki Minaj, and dozens of other hits you haven’t escaped over the past decade. He’s so good at what he does that when he was working alongside Scott Storch, he helped turn Storch’s son into a powerhouse producer without even knowing.

“We worked almost every day for a good year and a half, and then I started training his son, Jalen Storch, giving him everything he needed. Before you knew it, he took my place,” Venditto tells REVOLT.

In this installment of “Studio Sessions,” the Grammy Award-winning producer discusses how he landed on Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 album, how CeeLo is unlike most artists, and what he and House of Hits have in store for this year. Read the exclusive chat below.

You’ve worked with a plethora of artists and producers. How did you and Scott Storch connect?

Ten years ago, I started working with SoBe Entertainment, including Cecil Barker and Yannique Barker. Yannique had a very close relationship with Scott. About two years ago, he called me, saying, “Scott needs a producer because he likes to focus on just the keys now. He doesn’t like to produce the whole record out.” He likes to have somebody help him find the sounds and produce the record out with him. So, I was his little side producer, and I was really nervous. He had me buy $600 worth of plug-ins that night, and we didn’t use them (laughs).

A year later, he called me and asked, “Are you available tonight to work?” I ended up going to Circle House with him, and we worked with some artists I don’t remember. Then, he said, “Clear your schedule for the next three weeks. We’re going to be working.” We worked almost every day for a good year and a half, and then I started training his son, Jalen Storch, giving him everything he needed. Before you knew it, he took my place.

During your time with Scott, which artist was really involved in the production process?

French Montana. He was dope. He was in the whole process from the beginning till the end. He was saying, “I want this. I want this. I don’t like this. I don’t like that. I don’t like this.” Other artists just vibe to Scott and take the beats home. We did a remake of a record. I’m not sure if it’s ever going to come out.

One of your biggest placements was helping produce Eminem’s “Bad Guy” record.

It was me and Street Runner, and we never met Eminem. We were never in a studio with him. But we sent him a bunch of beats in 2013. Around Jan. 13, Street Runner told me we got the placement of our lives but wouldn’t tell me with who. August came around, and he called me and said we were one step closer, but he still wouldn’t tell me who the artist was. Finally, in November, he goes, “It’s time for you to know. The artist is Eminem.” The chances were very slim we would make the Eminem album, [The Marshall Mathers LP 2].

Who is one of the most talented artists you’ve worked with?

CeeLo Green. He is super talented. Working with him was inspiring because I normally do a lot of vocal production and didn’t have to do anything for him. I’ll always remember those sessions. I learned from him because of his vocals, how he writes, and how he presents himself in the studio. Many artists go into the studio and say, “What are we doing? Tell me how to sing the note. What harmony do you want me to sing? Do you like this?” CeeLo would say, “We’re going to do it like this.” That’s very rare and very inspiring. We probably recorded 50 songs with him. The song “Brick Road” came out, but the other songs never came out.

What do you have coming for the rest of 2023?

I have a lot of things going on. I partnered with House of Hits Records, and we signed two artists. One is a dope singer. She’s like the next Billie Eilish, and her name is Syamali. We also have a Spanish rapper named Black Boss. I’ve been working with Syamali almost every day for the last year. We’re ready to throw her out there and let the world see her. I also produced the whole album from Nick Carter coming out at the end of July. I’m really excited about that.