Lola Brooke feels like she’s living a dream since the viral success of her 2021 single “Don’t Play With It.”

Yesterday (April 13), Apple Music dropped the latest episode of Latto’s “777 Radio,” which saw the Atlanta native speaking with Brooke about her hit record. During the link, Latto asked the New York rapper if she knew “Don’t Play With It” would blow up. Brooke responded, “No, I didn’t.” The 24-year-old inquired, “No feeling in your body was like ‘nah, this one gon’ go?'”

“It was a feeling in my body like this song is legit hard. Like, I had a feeling, but I didn’t know what kind of feeling it was,” Brooke replied. “I thought it was going to be a city [record]. So I’m like, ‘Ight cool, the city f**k with this,’ and that’s it. But I ain’t think it was gon’ go out of New York City.” Latto then co-signed, “Yeah, like that s**t global. Not even nationwide [but] worldwide.” Afterward, Brooke shared she still sits “back and be in la la land” and questions whether it’s real after the song’s success.

After the 2021 track racked up millions of views on YouTube, Brooke recruited Latto and Yung Miami for the remixed version in March 2023. Like the original single, Starr Mazi directed the remix’s music video. It saw an already well-received song taken to new heights with the collaboration of three female rappers.

Brooke’s recent stop on Latto’s new series is part of the award-winning rapper’s plan to spotlight new artists using the platform. “I’m going to highlight new artists that I feel like the world needs to hear, artists that I think deserve more spotlight,” Latto told Apple Music about the show. “I listen to a lot of female rap, so definitely supporting the girls, and definitely a lot of southern music.”