FX’s final season of “Snowfall” is nearing its end, and Twitter is bracing for impact.

On Wednesday (April 12), the second to last episode, “Sacrifice,” premiered on the cable network. Now, viewers are sharing their thoughts on the show’s latest developments via Twitter.

Thus far, “Snowfall” has delivered its fair share of roller coaster moments — from beloved fan-favorite character Jerome Saint (Amin Joseph) dying to Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) almost meeting his demise at the hands of Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson).

In episode nine, the main focus was on Franklin attempting to retrieve his money that was stolen by Teddy. The history between the two men has been long and deadly. Teddy previously killed Franklin’s dad, Alton Williams (Kevin Carroll), and in return, the show’s lead character stabbed Teddy’s father, Colonel Robert ‘Mac’ McDonald (John Diehl), in the throat, ending his life.

Since then, he and Teddy have endured a game of cat-and-mouse, with Franklin eventually coming out on top. During the new episode, the lead Saint family member had Teddy in his possession, intending to get the bank account code needed to access his money.

However, after learning of Teddy’s previous deeds, Franklin’s mother, Cissy Saint (Michael Hyatt), made a different decision. In the defining scene of the “Snowfall” episode, Franklin had Teddy outside on a payphone. Teddy was on the line with the bank, giving them a password to access the stole money, when suddenly Cissy shot and killed him before he could finish transferring the cash.

Franklin rushed to his side, hoping he was still alive. When he realized it was too late, he turned to Cissy and told her they had to leave. But instead, she chose to give herself up to the cops and told her son, “Goodbye, Franklin.” He then fled the scene.

After the “Snowfall” episode ended, some viewers shared that Cissy’s actions floored them, while others believed Teddy never intended to give Franklin back his money. Check out several Twitter users’ reactions to the episode below: