Sometimes you have to take a straightforward approach to critics who always have something to say — and that is what Chlöe Bailey has done.

Last night (April 11), the Georgia-born talent kicked off her “Chlöe: The In Pieces Tour” with its first stop in Chicago, Illinois. It also marked the first time the talented singer and songwriter headlined and embarked on a tour as a solo artist.

During the sold-out event, Chlöe entertained her fans with a show of various songs, including tunes from her recently released debut album, In Pieces. The 24-year-old’s stage presence kept her audience highly engaged even as she returned to 2021 with a performance of her solo debut track “Have Mercy.”

In between sets, Chlöe became emotional as she spoke with her guests about her feelings. “I’ve got another song to sing. I just wanted to say hi again,” she said. “I couldn’t let go of this feeling. Thank you all for supporting my muthaf**king album.”

The young performer then sent out a message to individuals with nothing nice to say about her album before refocusing the attention on her adoring fans. “F**k what the f**k everybody got to f**king say,” Chlöe continued. “They can kiss my Black a**. Because I know you guys love me. And this is all I need. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your energy.”

However, fans weren’t the only ones that showed Chlöe some love last night. Her sister, Halle Bailey, also delivered a message to help celebrate this new milestone in her life.

“[I’m] so proud of you, sister. Chlöe Bailey, who killed her first date of ‘The In Pieces Tour’ in Chicago!!!!!!!” Halle tweeted.

The rising star’s next stop on her spring musical journey will be in Detroit, Michigan on Thursday (April 13). Chlöe will continue her tour up north before heading south and ending in Los Angeles on May 3.