Talent always recognizes another talented person. Such occurred between Chlöe Bailey and The-Dream on Twitter today (March 31).

At midnight, Chlöe’s highly anticipated debut album, In Pieces, was finally released for the world to hear. The 24-year-old Atlanta native has worked hard to create the body of work and even promote it. Now, all of her long nights and extended hours are paying off. One of the people to send their congratulations to the R&B artist was none other than singer and producer The-Dream.

“Congrats, Chlöe Bailey. I’m super proud of you!” he wrote on Twitter. “[I’m] always here for the ones who follow their dreams. [It] feels just like yesterday my good friend Teresa was championing you and Halle Bailey as if you both were her own. Music… S**t ain’t easy, but somebody got to do it! In Pieces.”

Chlöe responded with gratitude as she briefly reflected on the process of creating the album. “Thank you [for] teaching me and inspiring me,” she replied. “It’s always been a dream to work with you, and we got to do it. It’s not easy at all, but man, moments like this make it worth it.”

Although, The-Dream isn’t a stranger to working with Parkwood Entertainment. He has also worked with Beyoncé, the label’s founder, on countless tracks and albums, including RENAISSANCE. So it made sense that one day Queen Bey’s prodigy would get the pleasure of working with the 45-year-old songwriter.

Chlöe spent the final hour before In Pieces was released on Twitter with fans. At one point, she admitted that she could barely contain herself due to her excitement about the drop.

Once the album was released, Chlöe shared her third in-a-box visual of the year. But this time, she wore an all-black latex cut-out dress with matching gloves. As she held a glowing heart in her hand, the glass box shattered into pieces, like her album’s title.

An hour later, she shared that In Pieces entered the top five of Apple Music U.S., under R&B Albums at No. 5, for the first time. Congratulations on the album, Chlöe!