Gratitude, greatness, and growth was the theme of today’s (Mar. 30) episode of “Big Facts.” Baby Jade, DJ Scream, and Big Bank conversed with New Orleans rapper Rob49. The dope conversation was filled with substance and took place at none other than Atlanta’s Trap Music Museum. There’s a lot to get into!

Rob49 grew up in Iberville Projects in the 4th Ward, commonly known as “The Ville,” with ties and association to the 9th Ward. The 24-year-old endured harsh realities and challenging environments alone, as his father was incarcerated throughout most of his upbringing and his mother wasn’t around often. Rob and his family survived Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 natural disaster that wiped the city of New Orleans of stability for years. He explained how they survived off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while sleeping in gymnasiums as his family and countless others were displaced. They eventually migrated to Houston for a few months. “My mama had a Monte Carlo. The windows didn’t go down, we ain’t have no air in that [car], and it was running hot. We pulling over every 10 minutes the whole way to Houston, putting water in the car. I remember that whole ride. It was so hot,” he recalled of their journey.

Before the music, Rob was in school for nursing and had a brief stint with the National Guard. However, he had a close friend at the time who encouraged him to step into the booth, as his life was similar to the topics other artists were rapping about. After the initial studio session, that same friend paid for Rob’s next three. In addition to the music, the serial entrepreneur is leaving his mark as a natural hustler. He’s got motion with his own trucking company, clothing line, real estate, and even a fragrance line that his father helped him bring to life. The New Orleans native also spoke of a website idea, inspired by Kim Kardashian, where he would sell the clothes he’s only worn once on an online store.

Moreover, having grown up in the hood, he often found himself still in the mix going back to his old stomping grounds. Although he emphasized the importance of not staying in the city where you come from, he did have his reasons for why it took him so long to completely remove himself. Sometimes, he would drive past his old house as a way of staying focused, staying humble, and remembering his beginnings. “I really went through a lot in there,” he admitted. Other times he would visit his old neighborhood because it was a familiar place — until one day a conversation he had with a friend changed his mindset.

“I’m still going to the hood every day, and I know that ain’t good for me because I want better for myself,” the rapper explained. “The thing that really made me stay out the hood was one of my dawgs pulled me to the side like, ‘Man, why you come out here? If I was you and I could go to Miami, I would be out there every day. Stop coming back here.’ I ain’t going to lie that s**t ain’t never leave my mind,” he continued.

Furthermore, the young artist showed much respect and gratitude to OG rappers like Birdman, Young Thug, and Future. He recalled Birdman being someone who believed in him from the beginning and encouraged him to remain steadfast and true to himself. Stunna assured him everything would work out in the long run. When mentioning Young Thug, he spoke about the emcee being the very first one to reach out about business, messaging him on Instagram asking, “How much you want?” He liked that Thug was straight to the point and was ready to talk numbers.

Unfortunately, when he was in Atlanta and reached out to the YSL founder, Thug was arrested that same morning, so they were unable to connect. “Free Slime,” Rob emphasized. He recalled Future being the rapper he found himself riding around to in high school. He listened to every word and was proud to say that he is now living the lifestyle of Pluto’s music. Big Bank called that “making an impact” when referring to Future’s music and the role it played in Rob49’s current position.

There was so much more discussed, such as Rob’s relationship status, his style, and who has better food between New Orleans, Atlanta, and Miami. They even briefly talked about how he has control of everything he’s involved in moving forward after an incident that occurred at French Montana’s Miami video shoot in January of 2023. Rob49 also has a new project dropping tomorrow, March 31.

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