Newly minted Nappy Boy Entertainment signee NandoSTL is ready to take over the world this year. Today (Jan. 27), REVOLT is excited to premiere his new single “Y.O.T.A.” (or “Year Of The Ape”), an upbeat offering that features T-Pain and Young Cash. The track is a burst of positivity and inspiration with the St. Louis-raised talent and his collaborators affirming their intentions to win in all aspects of life:

“My bank account filled with commas, my hood speakin’ in tongues, they greet me with open arms… b**tch n**gas, h** n**gas, rich n**gas, broke b**ches, I told n**gas this was our year right here, you been through h**l, let me get a h**l yea…”

Speaking to REVOLT, Nando revealed that the HULLI-directed clip for “Y.O.T.A.” was created prior to his alignment with T-Pain‘s label:

“We actually shot this music video before I even was officially signed to Nappy Boy,” he said. “We all knew it was going to happen and the paperwork was on the way. So, I was really happy that Pain and Cash made the trip out to Chicago to trust what I was doing.”

T-Pain provided further explanation in regard to the infectious cut: “I happened to be going out to Chicago for a show and NandoSTL caught wind of it. His whole team put that video together to shoot while I was out there. We flew Young Cash out with us and it became a family affair. It was extremely refreshing to see an artist that was not yet signed know how to move and get s**t done.”

Back in 2018, Nando kicked off his career with Good Vibes, a five-song EP with assists from Shay LaRee and Alysaa Lynette. Since then, he’s continued to build upon his exponentially growing fan base with notable drops like “Cool Lil Sunday,” “Here I Go,” “Tinted Windows,” and “My Granny Said.” Press play on “Y.O.T.A.” below.

REVOLT Premiere: NandoSTL's


REVOLT Premiere: NandoSTL's "Y.O.T.A." feat. T-Pain and Young Cash