As previously reported by REVOLT, Meek Mill found himself in the midst of controversy after he recently posted a teaser of an upcoming music video. On Sunday (Jan. 8), the Philly rhymer posted a clip that showed him rapping explicit lyrics while walking around Ghana’s Jubilee House, an expansive building that serves as the country’s presidential residence. In response, many felt that the recording was a “desecration” of the property, after which the short video was removed from social media.

Yesterday (Jan. 9), Meek published a series of tweets expressing regret for upsetting Ghanaian citizens:

“To the people of Ghana, no video I drop is ever meant to disrespect the people of Ghana… The fastest way to make connection is through music and I wanted to do that with displaying art… I’m in my ’30s from America and didn’t know much about the lifestyle here. My apologies to the people if any disrespect! We’re still gonna push to make the connection between Black people in America and Africa… What I’m trying to do is more than a video and you should see coming soon! My apologies to the the office also!”

He then made it clear that the country’s current president, Nana Akufo-Addo, and his administration should not be blamed for his actions:

“I don’t think they knew it was video footage when we asked to shoot, it’s a small camera and one kid… In America, we didn’t know this existed and was excited to show because they don’t show Ghana on our media much! So I’ll take responsibility for my mistake! Not intentional… I’m just not here for no separation of anything Black… We’re already separated enough and don’t understand each other’s cultures… Let’s use this to help fix that and not [create] more judgement towards each other!”

You can see Meek‘s tweets in full below. The fate of the video in question is unknown.