After a short hiatus, Yung Miami returned with a gift for fans just in time for the holidays: A new episode of “Caresha Please”! Over cocktails and shots, the City Girls emcee and special guest G Herbo sat down for a conversation full of laughter, fun games and — most importantly — the smoke!

Check out the nine funniest and most honest moments from Thursday’s (Dec. 22) installment of “Caresha Please” below. Plus, tune into the full episode here if you missed it.

1. On G Herbo’s Survivor’s Remorse album

Back in October, G Herbo released his fifth studio album, Survivor’s Remorse. Kicking off the episode, the Chicago rapper talked more about the making of the two-part project. “It’s just about me evolving and maturing as a man. I come from the streets. I lost a lot behind it, but on a day-to-day basis, I’m blessed. I got a lot to be thankful for,” Herbo explained. “I survived the streets, so it’s always remorse that comes with that.” He further explained he hardly sleeps at night due to his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as the feeling he hasn’t made it until his loved ones are proud. “I just always want to do good and be right by my people,” he confessed.

Yung Miami asked the artist what was his favorite song to make, to which he answered, “Paid,” a track featuring his youngest son, Essex Wright. “When I had my son in Chicago, Essex was like 2-3 months. It was his first trip to Chicago, and I was just in there vibing out. I was really on some family s**t, but I heard the beat and it just came about,” Herbo revealed.

2. Mental health check!

Before getting into the juicy questions, Yung Miami holds space for guests to reflect on the state of their mental health. G Herbo said he’s determined to block out all distractions. “I think, you know, I be going through phases mentally. I really do suffer from PTSD. Mentally right now, though, I think I’m at that stage where it’s just [determination] — I don’t know, and I think I learned that early on,” he said. “When I’m about to transition, like, to another stage of my life type s**t, it’ll be a lot of chaos. I’ll be stressed out, dealing with a lot of stuff and everybody’s problems. So I feel like I’m at that point right now, but I’m determined to just block it out.”

Although he believes he can go through anything without having someone to lean on, Herbo added that he finds an emotional outlet in hanging out with his kids and girlfriend, Taina Williams; going to the studio; and drinking. When Miami jokingly asked if he was an alcoholic, Herbo laughed and responded, “Yeah. A functional one.”

3. Temptation while touring

Although touring comes with plenty of feel-good moments, there’s also temptation on the road. Yung Miami asked G Herbo about whether it’s hard not to cheat while on the road. “As a man, you’re gonna be exposed to so much, especially in this industry… Temptation gonna be at you 1000 miles a minute… You gotta have mind control.”

4. On fatherhood

When G Herbo first stepped on the scene, he was a young adult navigating a new career and the streets. Now, as a dad of three, Herbo admitted fatherhood turned his life around for the better. “Fatherhood changed me drastically. I was wild before I had kids. I wouldn’t say like wild, wild, but I feel like I ain’t really had too much purpose,” he explained. “My kids gave me purpose; there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my kids — literally nothing I wouldn’t do. So, it’s like, I don’t know… It just make me feel complete… I don’t want to sound harsh or nothing, but I don’t be giving a f**k about nothing but my kids for real.”

In early May, G Herbo and Williams welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Emmy Wright. The year before, they welcomed their son, Essex, together. When asked if he ever thought he’d have three kids back-to-back, the rapper laughed and said, “I did want kids. I wanted multiple kids, but hell no — that quick like that… I didn’t think I was gonna have two under 2 that fast. F**k no. But it’s good though. It’s a beautiful thing, but hell no, I wasn’t planning that. You know, I’m just thinking off impulse.” Miami and Herbo busted out in contagious laughter at that point.

5. G Herbo’s relationship with ex Ari Fletcher

Getting right into the smoke, Miami asked Herb if he considers himself a cheater. “I wouldn’t say I’m a cheater. I cheated though,” he responded. Taking it a step further, Miami asked if it’s true that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher with Williams. He took a moment to pause before he answered truthfully, “Yeah. Technically, yeah.”

He continued, “I was young. I was dumb. I ain’t know no better. I was just doing s**t. I was just, you feel me, just cheating. I ain’t gonna say I was just cheating, but it’s like, me and Ari was at a space… mentally, I’m going through s**t, so I have to separate myself from s**t. Me and her was having our differences, but that was no excuse to cheat on her. That’s not why I cheated on her.”

Miami brought more context to the conversation, explaining that Fletcher was going through postpartum depression while noting it’s a tough experience. The Chicago star agreed, adding, “That s**t real. I ain’t know — I was naive to that though. I ain’t never been around a woman who was suffering from postpartum depression or none of that. At the same time, when she was going through that, I had just lost like one of my best friends. I lost my homie C Money, so I was super stressed and s**t. That ain’t no excuse. I ain’t make no excuse. I had to make peace with myself early on because I thought I was right back then.” Since then, Fletcher and Herb have made amends and currently focus on co-parenting their son, Yosohn Wright.

6. To cheat or not to cheat

Continuing their discussion surrounding cheating, Herbo shared his thoughts on the difference between men and women stepping out on their relationships. “Women are emotional roller coasters. Y’all say what y’all feel and s**t,” he said. “Men don’t have feelings involved, I’m not gonna lie to you. I know me personally, I never had feelings involved with another woman, especially while I’m with my woman. I think that’s why n***as be traumatized when girls cheat on them — because you liked him.”

Miami then asked if he’d take a woman back after she cheated. Initially, he said no, explaining he’d feel it was planned and that she’s “no longer pure.” However, given life experience and depending on how much he loves his lady, Herbo admitted he’d consider taking her back.

Addressing a rumor, Miami asked if Williams ever walked in on him cheating in a hotel. With a smile on his face, the proud family man asked, “When?” causing them both to burst into laughter. “I plead the fifth. I wish Taina was here — she’ll probably tell you. I plead the fifth… No, she ain’t ever walked in on me in the act, like, cheating,” he specified.

7. G Herbo gushes over his girlfriend

In the midst of jokes and laughter, Herbo took a moment to praise Williams and confirm that they’re in a great space in their relationship. “What I love the most about Taina is she’s just herself. She’s honestly herself. You gon’ get the good, the bad, the worst — whatever it is, she ain’t hiding her hands,” he said. “She not throwing rocks, hiding her hands. She gon’ let you know what it is, how she feel… And me, I’m bad with communication. I don’t like to talk. I don’t like to explain myself — none of that, but at least I know what I’m up against with her. She’s just a good woman.”

Miami asked if he has plans to pop the question sometime soon. “Yeah,” he replied.

8. “This or That” and “Resha Roulette”

In addition to playing “This or That,” Yung Miami introduced her new segment, “Resha Roulette.” During the game, G Herbo revealed he never had someone bust his windows. Prompted by the cards to reveal whether he’s ever given a woman head from the back, he answered jokingly, “Give me three shots. Give me three of ‘em, man. That’s my specialty.”

Then it was Miami’s turn, and things got even more spicy as the shots kept rolling in. When prompted to reveal if she’s still a sneaky link with her child’s father, she took a shot. Herbo pointed out that Southside was supposed to be on the episode, and Miami claimed he was scared of the smoke. She added, “I’m taking the shot because if I want to f**k him or if I want to hit him up, he’ll slide through — because I got that.”

She also revealed she never had a threesome with her best friend, but she’s not opposed to trying one. Herbo revealed he’s never had a threesome with a girl best friend, but added, “We used to run b**ches back in the day with the guys type s**t.” The funniest question of them all, however, was when Herbo was asked if he’d ever had his butt licked by a woman. Answering with an immediate “Hell no,” he also added, “If I did it, I’d say it. I don’t wanna do it. I don’t even want to try it.”

9. G Herbo gives Yung Miami the smoke

It’s not every day that someone brings Yung Miami the smoke on “Caresha Please,” but G Herbo wasted no time putting his rap peer in the hot seat. He first asked about her mental health, to which Miami said she’s in a happy space. Herbo also asked whether she prefers gangsters over gentlemen and Miami answered, “I like gentlemen. I like wine and dine. I like romance. I like to feel good. I did like gangsters, but I like gentlemen.”

The Chicago emcee later asked a burning question related to the birth of Diddy’s newborn child: “Did you know about that baby before October?” After a pause full of laughter, Miami revealed she knew about the little one prior to the public announcement, noting that a lot of men are afraid of being truthful. “Yeah I did. I think communication is the key. I feel like when you dealing with somebody, communication is the key. I did. It wasn’t, like, a surprise.”

Herb followed up, asking if she has plans to get pregnant next. Miami answered, “If it happens, I’ma be pregnant.” Pushing the needle a bit more, the lyricist asked would she keep a baby if she got pregnant by Southside again. Miami revealed she wouldn’t keep it, given that she already has a daughter by him, causing them both to laugh.