Earlier this month, NBA YoungBoy teamed up with Amazon’s Amp platform to launch his new show, “Never Broke Again Radio.” Last Friday (Dec. 23), listeners tuned into the Baton Rouge star’s latest episode, where he revealed his top five favorite rappers:

“My top five rappers I’ll say, uh, Yeat, I’ll say [Young] Thug, I’ll say French Montana, Glizzy, I’ll say Shy Glizzy, yeah, the last one [is] Soulja Slim.”

YoungBoy previously worked with four of the five mentioned via songs like “Don’t Text Back,” “Permanent Scar,” “So Real,” and “Where We Come From.” He was only four years old when Soulja Slim was tragically killed in 2003.

As with prior years, 2022 was a prolific one for the Top rapper, thanks to well-received projects like Colors, The Last Slimeto, Realer 2, and 3800 Degrees. He also teamed up with DaBaby, DJ Drama, and Quando Rondo for BETTER THAN YOU, Ma’ I Got A Family, and 3860, respectively.

In a past interview for GRAMMY.com, he opened up about his approach to releasing music and staying connected to his exponentially growing fan base:

“My brain ain’t on standstill. My music is kind of my life, so you know the music ain’t going to be at no standstill. I’ll always feel like I got something to speak on or to say to get my point across. I’m always, like, in a moment with my music or with my thoughts or with my releases. That’s kind of how I do that connection with my fans.”

He continued: “I never hid nothing with them from the jump. So it’s a reimbursement cycle going on with us, I guess. It’s spiritual. I dish out pain, they dish out what they dish. But dish out the negative or positive, either way it go, I’m still noticed by them. I’m thankful for that.”