Styles P said the argument that The Notorious B.I.G. is the greatest rapper of all time is not up for debate.

The fellow New York native explained why he believes the sentiment is true during a recent appearance on “Creators Club” on Tuesday (Dec. 21). “I think most people understand him as the greatest emcee to ever live,” said Styles P. “What makes him the greatest [is] he was really great in all aspects of rhyming. Most people are good in two categories, maybe three, if you’re pushing it. Big was really, really nice in all categories.”

Furthermore, he said it was Biggie’s character that sealed the deal. “But what really topped it off was he was a charismatic individual, but he was very f**king classy and a G at the same time.” The LOX member was joined by Jadakiss, who revealed that the group had the opportunity to meet and experience Biggie’s greatness prior to his untimely death. Styles P also confirmed that whenever they encountered the late rapper, it was nothing but love. “He ain’t just treat me, Kiss and Louch good, he treated all of our homeboys good,” he explained. “He would treat my man how he would treat me. He would give me that same drink, that same weed, that same thing, and I think that’s what set him apart for me.”

“I think he embodied something that most people don’t, and he was a student of the game,” the “Money, Power & Respect” emcee continued. “He loved rhyming, so when he heard us rhyme, and you know, at those times when somebody asked you to rhyme, you rhymed. I think we embody the same thing he embodied. I think it just made him have a natural kind of clinging to us and vice versa.”

Watch the full interview below.