Meek Mill took to Twitter for a brief history lesson ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

During an “Ask Meek” session on the social media platform on Monday (Nov. 21), the Philly native responded to a user who asked his plans for the holiday. “Thanksgiving fake… The pilgrims killed the Indians,” wrote the “Dreams and Nightmares” emcee. “I still remember them books from school. Horrible. I got Indian friends.”

Despite the background of the event celebrated across America, Meek did admit that he still has potential plans to spend time with loved ones. “My family might link up,” he shared via Twitter.

Check out his tweet below.

At one point during his open questions forum via Twitter, Meek explained that he has always had a love for learning, but lost interest in school due to his environment. “We learned the European language in school,” said Meek. “We have a whole different vocabulary where I’m from lol. After [ninth] grade, I needed street slang to stay alive. I needed to learn how to break down a gun. I lost interest in school [because] s**t was too deadly.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Meek recently opened up about how recent tragedies have placed him back in a tough space mentally. “Every time I see one of my friends bleed out on camera or killed on camera, I feel a sick feeling I can’t even really explain,” he explained following the news of PnB Rock’s passing. “It puts me more and more back in survival mentality.”

Furthermore, Meek’s round of tweets revealed that he even created his own books at a young age. “I’m into mastery. I can learn a dictionary in a day,” said the “1942 Flows” lyricist. “My mom [has] at least five rhyming dictionaries in the tuck [that] I made at the age of 12. I just lost interest in learning s**t I don’t need.”

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