It is unheard of for an artist to be signed and dropped by a label in one day; however, for one rapper, it is his harsh reality.

On Wednesday (Nov. 2), Gucci Mane confirmed on his Twitter account —to 9.4 million followers — that he signed rap artist Baby Racks on his 1017 record label, only to drop him within 24 hours. “Congratulations to Babyracks1017, [the] first artist to get signed and dropped in a day. That dude is not signed to 1017,” he tweeted.

Not only was he dropped by Gucci’s label, but Atlantic Records also said he isn’t on their roster, according to TMZ.

The young artist replied to Gucci’s post, showing appreciation for what he received and revealing he is a free agent before tagging numerous hip hop figures. “Congratulations to Baby Racks. Appreciate the video. Appreciate flying me and my team out. I appreciate that check Atlantic records sent. Thank you, Gucci. I’ma free agent now,” he wrote. “YoungBoy, get at me. Yo Gotti, wassup. Jeezy, wassup. Holla at me. Qcm_p, wassup wit’ it. Rick Ross, wassup.”

On Tuesday (Nov. 1), Baby Racks tweeted that he wasn’t interested in performing in Houston, Texas after news broke of the tragic death of Migos member Takeoff. “I’m definitely not f**king with Houston after that. DON’T BOOK ME ‘CAUSE BABY RACKS AINT COMING,” he expressed.

The rapper reiterated his statements about not being interested in the city, tweeting: “Y’all mad cause I said I ain’t coming to Houston. lmao. F**k Houston.”

A few months ago, Baby Racks shared how Gucci reached out to him through Instagram, resulting in him being signed. “Gucci hit me on a Tuesday morning in July and said, ‘Wassup wit it, what’s yo number?’ I sent my number [and] he [texted] me and said, ‘What we [doing]?’ I said, ‘Let’s make history.’ [And] he immediately called me.”

He added, “Me and Gucci’s first conversation was for about 45 minutes. He asked me what I wanted to do with my music career, stay independent or sign to him. And I obviously chose to sign to him. He sent the contract that same day; my lawyer looked over it, and we sent back a signed contract.”

In September, the two would release their collaborative track, “Look ma, I did it.” The official music video reached over 1.1 million views on YouTube since its release on Sept. 2.