“Black Girl Stuff” returned this week with an all-new episode. From the guilt and shame associated with masturbation and an honest talk about porn to attorney Kendra Robinson, Tamar Braxton and August Alsina joining the panel, much was discussed. Stevie Baggs also talked fatherhood, and this week’s BG Bosses were celebrated. As always, Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor, and Tori Brixx kept it real and offered their thoughts and opinions throughout the entire episode. Catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday on REVOLT at 9 p.m. ET as well as every Wednesday on our website, YouTube channel, and app. Plus, watch the latest episode here.

1. Self-Pleasure or No Pleasure?

To kick off last tonight’s (Oct. 25) episode of “BGS,” the girls dove into the comments to take on one of social media’s biggest debates right now — is it important for women to masturbate? One TikTok user, @thevaginaliberator, said she feels it’s necessary to learn how to sexually please yourself before expecting anyone else to do the same. Another person responded to her video and said, “I feel like somebody be watching me, like all my dead family and s**t. I be feeling mad guilty.” On the other hand, another user, @em_bergie, said, “I’m here to say no one should feel guilty for self-pleasuring. It’s how we teach others what we like.”

When the ladies were asked for their thoughts on the topic, Obilor shared, “I mean, it’s a totally natural process… I think there’s this idea that you should be ashamed, and that couldn’t be further from the truth, honestly.” Renee added, “I didn’t masturbate until I was like 27 years old… For me, it was like I never got the entire experience of sex to climax… I never felt connected when I would try to do it. I never could climax and I just felt like, ‘This is stupid.’ I never felt guilty or ashamed of it, but I didn’t feel connected.” In closing, Brixx said, “There’s power in knowing your body.”

2. Attorney Kendra Robinson Joins the Panel

You may have recognized guest Kendra Robinson from the small screen as she’s part of the cast of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She’s also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and married to Yung Joc. When asked what she wants the world to know about her, Robinson said, “I’m just a real cool person. I’m laid back, like, what you see with me is what you get at any given moment. So I just need them to know that. They want me to be a lawyer fighting a criminal case or doing a real estate closing every time they see me when I’m at the mall, when I’m at the club, having ice cream — like, that’s who they want me to be, and I’m just me.”

Alongside being a member of a Divine Nine organization, Robinson is also a proud HBCU alum and when asked how both cultures have impacted her today, she said, “That has shaped me greatly. I’m a reflection of somebody who went to an HBCU and who was a part of one of the best sororities to exist… You know, I found my confidence a lot becoming a Delta, going to an HBCU… The goal was to enter to learn, go out to serve, you know, find your voice, be a fearless, strong Black woman, and go out there and make us proud.” You can watch “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” every Monday on VH1 or stream it anytime on BET+ or Hulu.

3. “BGS” Gets Surreal

Tamar Braxton and August Alsina are cast members of VH1’s newest reality series, “The Surreal Life,” and both of them joined the “BGS” panel to dish details about the show. Alsina talked about his excitement to see Braxton on the set, sharing, “I was so happy to see Tamar because like I said, this is your world, you like the top dog in this reality TV world, and I just felt a little bit more safe because I just never imagined myself doing reality TV ever. They asked so many times that it made me ask myself why I was saying, ‘No,’ and when I realized it was because of fear, it was like, ‘Oh what am I actually afraid of?’ It made me want to go and do the experience and see.” When asked about something juicy from the show, Braxton said, “This is the thing that I got from doing the show with August — he’s really, really deep, you know, and it’s very interesting. He puts a lot of things into perspective that you kind of really don’t think about, and so I really learned a lot. Because on my journey, I was really kind of into myself and you know, evolving, and he just kind of allowed a safe space.” You can watch “The Surreal Life” every Monday on VH1 at 7/8c.

4. Stevie Baggs Joins the Panel

Stevie Baggs is a former professional football player who’s gone from dominating on the field to acting. He plays the role of Andre in the Netflix series “Cobra Kai,” which is always topping the streamer’s trending charts. But beyond all those things, he’s a father to a beautiful Black girl first. Baggs told the panel about the struggle he went through with seeing his daughter. “I hadn’t seen my daughter in a year and four months, and, you know, going through tumultuous energy with the mom. Then two, three months ago, I called her mom and I’m boo hoo crying… ‘Listen, I need to be in her life, she needs to be in mine, like whatever we’ve got to do to work this out, let’s put the pressure aside, and move forward for the betterment of her.’ I kept texting her and calling, and she finally said, ‘Come up,’ and it was like my daughter, and I never missed a beat — like the synergy was so dope, and I talk to her every day, and I’ve got a lot of plans to have her in my life in a major way… I’m just thankful,” he revealed.

Obilor asked Baggs what fatherhood meant to him and he said, “Being able to have a divine masculine energy and divine feminine energy to hit the flows of it. A woman is emotion first, ego second. A man is ego first, emotion second. So, I think a lot of the times you’ve got to balance that out… It’s not about being right, it’s about being righteous.” Baggs has also started several after-school programs with nine being in Atlanta.

5. Jazmine Sullivan and Ericka Hart

Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Jazmine Sullivan has been making waves in the industry for years at this point. However, it’s her new partnership with pharmaceutical company Novartis, in which she is shedding light on Breast Cancer Awareness amongst Black women after finding out her mom was diagnosed, that has made her one of this week’s BG Bosses.

In alignment with the breast cancer awareness cause, Ericka Hart made headlines by modeling topless after a double mastectomy, giving confidence to women across the globe. Her work is what made her this week’s second BG Boss.