GloRilla may have won big with her chart-topping hit, “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” but now she’s in a heated dispute with its producer.

On Sunday (Oct. 16), Hitkidd took to his Twitter account to call out the Memphis rapper, alleging that she and her team tried to claim ownership of the popular song. According to him, Big Glo signed a contract for the song without telling him the terms. “So basically, these folks are trying to take me to court over ‘F.N.F’ because they want to OWN the song, BUT they want to own the song to put it on this EP which both parties knew. So tell me how [are] you gon’ PUT ‘F.N.F’ in your contract without telling me, AFTER…,” he wrote.

He added, “I told you [and] your MANAGER every day that we [were] in LA with Saweetie that labels are going to try to sign you because of ‘F.N.F’ so watch out. I also told you to let me know when labels reach out so we can be on the same page, but you still went and signed my song without telling me.”

The 27-year-old producer concluded saying that he “did my best to protect” the rapper and he will always be a “stand-up guy” that stands on business and morals. However, it didn’t take long for HitKidd’s tweets to get back to the Memphis emcee, who responded through her personal Facebook page, calling him out as “salty” for not signing with his record label, Camp South Records. “N**gas been salty [ever] since [I didn’t] sign to [their] label to be a group for $0 smh,” she wrote in one post.

In a second post, GloRilla stated: “One more thing before I log out, N**GA YOU SIGNED [THE] SONG AWAY THE FIRST WEEK (WITHOUT ME KNOWING) FOR $50k BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T KNOW HOW BIG IT WAS GON’ BE!!!!! SHOULD I KEEP GOING ??????”

The 23-year-old rapper thanked producer Macaroni Toni who she claims has been by her side since the beginning, noting that he produced her two first mixtapes.

She concluded her Facebook rant, saying: “N**ga done made so much money from ‘F.N.F’ [and] I haven’t made not one red cent (other than shows) but I’m still prospering ’cause guess what??? I CAN RAP IN REAL LIFE [and] ain’t no mf one hit wonder!!!!” she expressed. “I WROTE EVERY SINGLE LYRIC IN EVERY SINGLE SONG I EVER PUT OUT [and] even after all this, I still got love for Hitkidd ’cause we came up together even though he been going behind my back [ever] since the song blew but that’s another story for another day. I just hate the fact he had to bring the business to social media when I could’ve BEEN come out about the snake s**t he’s been doing to me.”

“F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” was released on April 29, quickly going viral, earning the rapper a record deal with Yo Gotti’s CMG and the Best Breakthrough Hip Hop Artist award at the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards.

You can see all of Hitkidd’s Tweets and GloRilla’s Facebook posts down below: