When it comes to the ladies, Lil Baby is all about finding someone who matches his vibe, but he still has a physical preference.

The Atlanta rapper recently spoke with Big Loon on “The Experience Podcast,” where he revealed the type of women he finds attractive. He also shared his take on the growing craze around the Brazilian butt lift. Some plastic surgeons consider the popular procedure to be one of the most dangerous and have issued warnings about the potentially fatal risks when performed incorrectly.

“I like thick girls, but I ain’t against skinny girls,” Baby told Loon in a video published Wednesday (Oct. 12). He added, “I used to be, though. I used to didn’t like skinny girls. Now, skinny girls cool. I like ’em.” When asked if he thought BBLs were becoming a tired fad, the “Do We Have a Problem?” artist was on the fence.

“I don’t really know if it’s going out of style. It’s like everybody got it now. You know how it is. When everybody got something it kinda go out of style then,” he responded, to which Loon interjected, adding that there was a time when BBLs were more subtle and not as accessible to the masses.

“See, there used to be a quality associated with the body done. Now it’s d**n near anybody,” Loon said. Baby agreed, adding, “That’s why it’s kinda played out a little bit. Regular girls. Rich girls. Broke girls. That’s when it’s played out.”

In a previous episode of “Caresha Please,” guests Latto and Saucy Santana tackled the topic of BBLs and the criticism against those who have gone under the knife. “I do feel like it’s a part of our job,” Santana said. “When you get signed, you get your teeth done. You get jewelry. You get a BBL.”

Latto, who has openly rapped about undergoing the procedure, said she will remain open about her truth. “It’s nothing. I’m a rich b**ch, I’mma fix anything I don’t like. … It’s nothing wrong with it,” she said.

You can catch Lil Baby’s full interview below.