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One thing you can always expect from Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please” podcast is a good laugh, juicy conversation, and a bunch of tea being spilled. Following her flirty episode with Megan Thee Stallion, Yung Miami keeps the female rap love swirling as she chills poolside with Saweetie to discuss her upcoming Pretty B**ch Music album, being single, and her breakup with Quavo. 

Check out the nine best and funniest moments from this week’s episode of “Caresha Please” below. Plus, tune into the full episode here if you missed it.

1. Saweetie talks Rolling Loud and upcoming single, “Don’t Say Nothin’”

Back in July, Saweetie hit the stage at Rolling Loud Miami, her first onstage performance in 2022. When asked by Yung Miami to describe the experience, Saweetie answered, “It was fun. I had a great time. It was my first time performing in like a year — in front of a crowd that big — so I was nervous.” 

During her set at Rolling Loud, the Icy Queen gave fans a taste of the music she’s working on, previewing her upcoming single, “Don’t Say Nothin’.” The snippet created a bit of buzz on social media, as sleuths tried to figure out who the song was about. Speaking on the single, Saweetie gave a glimpse into what inspired it: “Last year was my first time just being single. I’ve encountered men — we’ll have a good time, then after that, I hear them talking, like, telling people that we hanging out and that we doing some extra stuff. It’s like, ‘Boy, just shut your mouth.’” While Yung Miami explained that men like having bragging rights over someone as fine as Saweetie, the latter was firm on the idea that men shouldn’t be telling her business. She added, “I like to have a mutual understanding. Like, we not public, so don’t say nothing. As soon as they do that, I cut them off.”

2. Mental health check!

During the episode, Yung Miami asked Saweetie how she’s feeling mentally. Saweetie revealed that she’s in a better space than she was in the past year. “I feel like I’m much better than last year. I feel like I had to overcome a lot last year, and I’m finally getting back to my centered self,” she said. She further explained that the past year was tough following her breakup with Quavo. “Last year was hard for me. I lost something who I loved. You know, when you think someone is your soulmate and you don’t end up with them, it’s hard. A lot of people thought I was just having fun in the single life, but I was hurt. I really loved him. I was doing a lot of soul searching.“

During her soul search, Saweetie became less active on Instagram and made the decision to cut off her hair. Discussing her reason for shaving her head, she explained, “It was a point where I was just really depressed last year. Like, one thing about me, I’m not gonna complain. If I’m going through some s**t personally, business-related, I just keep it to myself. I think I just internalized a lot from last year. So through meditation, I was like, ‘I just want to restart, clean slate.’ So I was like, ‘F**k it, I’m cutting my hair off.’” She also described the act of cutting her hair as refreshing, saying it left her feeling naked.

3. Saweetie gifts Yung Miami a Chanel bag and talks Pretty B**ch Music album

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Saweetie but fear not — a new project is on the horizon! Gearing up for the release of her debut album, Pretty B**ch Music, Saweetie shared what fans can expect to hear.  “Just honesty. I’m very private with my life, but I think all my favorite artists are honest with their life,” the rapper explained. “So I honestly had studio sessions where I really broke down in the middle of crying — because I’m being hella honest in all my music and I’ve never done that before.” 

In early celebration of Pretty B**ch Music, Saweetie brought Yung Miami a luxurious gift — a mini Chanel bag! As Saweetie said, “Pretty b**ches deserve pretty gifts.”

4. Saweetie on BBLs and Roe v. Wade: “My body, my choice”

It’s no secret that women are policed on what they do with their bodies. Discussing Memphis rapper GloRilla’s recent declaration that she will not be getting plastic surgery, Yung Miami asked Saweetie about her thoughts on Brazilian butt lifts and plastic surgery in general. The “Icy GRL” believes that women should be able to govern their own bodies. She responded, “I think a woman should just do whatever she wants to do. We’re always going to have people commenting on how we talk, how we speak, how we dress, who we talking to, who we dating. So I feel like women should do whatever they want with their bodies. You know — my body, my choice.”

Segueing into the topic of Roe v. Wade being overturned, Saweetie shared her empathy for those who live in states where abortion is illegal. “I just think that the Roe v. Wade — like I said, it’s my body, my choice. So I think I’m very fortunate to live in a state, California, that’s so liberal. But when I see other states put that restriction on women, my heart goes out to them,” she said. “You don’t know what a woman [went through] to get to where she’s at to make her want to make that decision — to do what she wants to do with her body. I’m very empathetic towards it because I know a lot of my homegirls who had to do what they had to do because it wasn’t the right time nor the right situation.”

When asked by Miami if she wants kids soon, Saweetie responded, “I don’t know. I used to want kids, hella bad — real bad. But being single, it gotta be the right person.”

5. Saweetie on being single

Since her breakup with Quavo, Saweetie has been living the single life. Yung Miami asked how being single has been. While most people believe Saweetie is enjoying it to the fullest, there are a few challenges she’s faced: “I be having anxiety. Like when I go on dates, I be like, ‘I don’t wanna get caught.’ Somebody sees you out with somebody [or] somebody sees you sitting next to somebody, the whole world just erupts. It’s fun because it’s my first time really being single but at the same time, I have a lot of anxiety when I go on dates.”

6. Saweetie addresses Lil Baby dating rumors

Saweetie had the internet buzzing after rumors surfaced that she was dating Lil Baby. Back in November, Hollywood Unlocked reported that she was spotted shopping with Lil Baby at a Chanel store in New York City, where he allegedly spent $100,000 on gifts for her. Getting straight into the tea, Yung Miami asked Saweetie for her side of the story. “I think that whole story unraveled into something that it wasn’t,” Saweetie explained briefly. Miami asked what exactly the situation was supposed to be, to which she answered with a, “You know, girl, I just be living my life.” Pushing the topic even further, Miami asked the question that we’ve all been wanting to know: “Did he really drop a bag on you in the Chanel store?” However, Saweetie has a rule she sticks by: “I don’t shop and tell.” Period.

7. Saweetie thought she’d spend the rest of her life with Quavo

It’s not an episode of “Caresha Please” without addressing all the smoke. Back in April 2021, Quavo and Saweetie split after two years of dating. Yung Miami came in hot, asking Saweetie about the buzzworthy altercation she had with Quavo in an elevator. Miami jokingly asked what was inside of the orange suitcase present during their fight. Saweetie replied that it was a Call of Duty console. Further discussing their relationship, Miami asked if Quavo ever cheated on Saweetie. “I think the past is the past and I’ve moved on since then,” she vaguely answered, making an interesting face afterwards. Instead of referring to their relationship as toxic, the rapper said they had “a lot of growing pains together.” However, their relationship ended over “differences.”

“I thought we was gonna spend the rest of our lives together. With him, I just knew [he] was the one. It was different,” Saweetie elaborated. “I was just hella enthralled with just who he was as a human. Even if he wasn’t a rapper, I would have still been in love with him. It was one of them type of things. If he was a little mailbox man and I came across him, I would’ve still wanted [his] a**.”

Miami asked how Saweetie felt when Quavo took back the custom Rolls Royce he got her as a gift. They both laughed, with Saweetie responding, “Girl I had to go get me a little Rolls. I really enjoyed my luxurious experience so I’m like, ‘You know what?’ I’m gonna get one myself.’” Overall, Saweetie said her previous relationship with Quavo taught her how to be a woman.

8. Saweetie and Yung Miami discuss their preferences in the bedroom

The juicy topics continued throughout the episode, as Saweetie and Yung Miami discussed the topic of their sexual preferences. Yung Miami considers herself to be freaky, while Saweetie acknowledged she knows her way around the bedroom, saying she loves being both a teacher and a student during sex. “I’m a cancer, so I think we know what to do in the bedroom. I think I’m really just tapped into my emotions and my body, and I know what I want. I feel like if a woman knows what she wants, it gives a different type of exchange,” the Cali star explained.

“I’m a real freaky girl. I like to do whatever a man tell me to do … ‘Get on your knees, crawl. Bark like a dog,” Miami confessed, causing them both to erupt in laughter. “I feel like sex is supposed to be fun, so I like to have fun. I just like to be submissive. I like to do whatever a man tells me. I like to dress up.” The “Closer” rapper asked if Miami likes to meow in the bedroom, to which Miami hilariously responded, “Yes.” 

Miami asked Saweetie if she’s ever faked a nut during sex, and the latter laughed immediately at the question. “I think you know the answer based on my response, but as I get older I don’t do that no more. I’m very honest. You either understood the assignment or you didn’t. I feel like a n**ga gonna brag about you, too, so I’d hate to send him off with the wrong message. You know, like, ‘Oh, he thought he did something.’ If you don’t do nothing, then I’m gonna let you know,” said Saweetie. Miami then revealed that she’s done it often, revealing that only recently has she started experiencing orgasms during sex. The City Girls star explained, “I done lied so much. I just recently started cumming off of sex, but for so long I didn’t.”

9. A game of “This or That”

Closing out the show, the duo played a game of “This or That.” Having to choose between athletes and rappers, Saweetie said she prefers to date rappers because athletes have too many restrictions. She also mentioned that she grew up in a sports household, so being surrounded by athletes is normal for her. Agreeing with Saweetie, Miami added, “I feel like with athletes, they live through rappers. I feel like they want their lifestyle so bad. They got so much structure, they don’t really have freedom.” Circling back to the topic of sex, Miami asked Saweetie if she prefers men to have a fat and short penis or a long and skinny one. Saweetie chose neither — instead, she likes them “long and girthy.” Asked whether she’d rather spit or swallow, the Cali native revealed that it depends on her mood, unlike Miami who feels otherwise: “I’m not a swallower, like, don’t nut in my mouth. I hate the taste of nut. It’s warm, it’s crusty. If you spit in mouth, n**ga, you on punishment and I’m not sucking your d**k for a minute.” 



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