WWD exclusively reports that Beyoncé and Tiffany & Co. are set to release a new film for her hit single, “Summer Renaissance,” in October.

The 40-year-old singer has tasked music video director Mark Romanek to shoot her new film that will debut on Tiffany & Co.’s website. The forthcoming movie is said to embody “the carefree, joyous spirit of the album as a whole,” and is inspired by New York’s Studio 54 era.

Tiffany & Co. has also collaborated with Beyoncé for a second advertising campaign inspired by the album artwork from her seventh studio album, Renaissance. Titled “Lose Yourself in Love,” the ad explores themes similar to the singer’s Renaissance release, such as self-love and empowerment.

Last year, Beyoncé appeared alongside her husband, JAY-Z, in a campaign with Tiffany & Co. titled About Love, capturing the beauty of their nearly two decades together. In the short film, Beyoncé famously wore the widely recognized Tiffany Diamond with 128.54 carats and 82 facets. WWD reports that sales of engagement rings jumped 30 percent in the U.S. after the campaign.

Alexandre Arnault, executive vice president of products and communications at Tiffany, said Beyoncé represents today’s women, making her a great model of their views. “We’re taking an opportunity to have an icon wear our icons,” said Arnault. “She’s the best. She really embodies the ultimate modern-day woman, in our view, which makes her the perfect representative of our values.”

He added, “Also, what’s great about working with her is that it’s always in close collaboration and with a shared vision between how she feels about us and how we feel about her.”

Arnault shared that Beyoncé is a hands-on creator and is deeply connected with their consumers. “She was instrumental in bringing the whole vision to life,” he expressed. “I’m always amazed by how professional she is: The first one on set and the last one out; she definitely doesn’t count her time and only finishes the day when everything is done. And all of that with a smile on her face and an amazing sense of connection to people.”

According to reports, Tiffany & Co. committed $2 million to scholarship and internship programs for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) as part of its partnership with Beyoncé and JAY-Z. On Friday (Aug. 26), the jewelry brand stated that 60 students had been awarded scholarships.