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  /  08.10.2022

REVOLT’s newest podcast series, “Black Girl Stuff,” has officially made its debut and the first episode was EVERYTHING. “What’s ‘Black Girl Stuff,'” you ask? It’s REVOLT’s newest panel-led podcast series created by Black women for Black women. The show is designed specifically for the millennial and Gen Z audiences, and the topics reflect everyday conversations that young Black women are having. Led by Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor, Tori Brixx, and Kennedy Rue as the resident correspondent, there’s sure to be a young woman every viewer can identify with.

On the debut episode, the girls truly left nothing on the table. Everything from safe sex and dating to man weaves was discussed. Correspondent Kennedy Rue also had exclusive chats with Usher, Omarion, and Ludacris. Watch the series premiere of “Black Girl Stuff” here and get into some highlights below. Plus, tune into weekly episodes every Wednesday on our website, YouTube channel, and app at 5 p.m. ET.

1. Man Weaves 

The girls start the episode off strong with one of social media’s most controversial debates: man weaves! For decades upon decades, men — Black men, especially — have had jokes about Black women’s hair, particularly when discussing wigs and weaves. So, now that Black men have begun sporting weaves and extensions of their own, the ladies have lots to say on the matter.

But beyond discussing whether they’d be accepting of their man in a beard weave and how they’d react to their man hanging up his beard next to their wigs at night, Obilor shared one of her personal experience of hearing someone spread misinformation regarding why Black women wear weaves. “I had a co-worker one time say that Black women wear weaves because their hair doesn’t grow as fast as white women,” she recalled.

Yes, you read that correctly — and she isn’t alone. Plenty of Black women have faced discrimination in the workplace due to their hair, and just as many have had similar experiences. So, with all of the discourse about men wearing wigs and weaves of their own, it begs the question: Would you mind your man adding some length to his hair?

2. No Broke Dating?

The next topic the girls dove into posed a simple question: Do you believe a man needs to be financially stable to be in a relationship? Renee spoke a bit about how what she accepted in her early 20s is not the same as what she’d accept now as a woman in her early 30s. She explained, “When I was younger, I did hold a man down. I paid all of the bills while he chased his dreams, and he became who he was going to be. I don’t even regret it. Even though we’re not together, I’m happy about that. In my early 30s? I’m not paying all of the bills. My standards are higher, and you’ve got to be actively chasing your goals before I support you.”

Obilor then asked the ladies how much a man needed to be making in order to date them. The answers varied across the board, but the women agreed that their man needed to be a baller and shot-caller.

3. Unprotected Sex While Cheating?

Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Renay, took to Instagram to share that she is separating from her husband again due to his constant infidelity, writing, “8 years of lies and deception. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and husband with numerous of women who sell their bodies to him unprotected.” Renay and Ne-Yo’s situation lends itself to a larger conversation that is currently impacting the Black community.

The “Black Girl Stuff” crew shared their experiences with having unprotected sex and reinforced the importance of setting boundaries and getting tested before making that step with their partner. According to the National Library of Medicine, heterosexual Black women accounted for 61% of new HIV diagnoses among U.S. women. The girls talked about this statistic and shared different ways we as Black women can protect themselves. The most important? GET TESTED!

4. Kennedy Rue Catches Up with Usher, Omarion and Ludacris

“Black Girl Stuff” correspondent Kennedy Rue spoke with R&B legend Usher about his Las Vegas residency and his performance on NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” series. Usher spoke about how it felt to do a quick run-through of his catalog while celebrating the 25th anniversary of “My Way,” the “Superstar” challenge that everyone is making TikToks to, the “Watch this” clip that’s taken social media by storm, and more. The girls also discussed their favorite Usher songs and if they preferred the veteran entertainer over Chris Brown.

Next, Rue spoke with Ludacris about his cartoon series, “Karma’s World.” The children’s show is based on the childhood and upbringing of his now-20-year-old daughter Karma Bridges. Luda talked about how important it was for him to be the change he wanted to see in the world, knowing his role as a father, and why drawing from real-life experiences makes the show so great.

Lastly, Rue caught up with Omarion to discuss his upcoming docuseries about B2K, and what it will reveal about the group’s public woes. The famed singer also spoke a bit about how it felt to be B2K’s frontman, management problems, and how he feels about being a sex symbol.

5. Reginae Carter’s Dating Requirements 

The very first guest in the history of “Black Girl Stuff” was none other than the one and only Reginae Carter. The girls sat down with the young boss to talk about her dating requirements. Carter kept it simple and let viewers know that she just wants to feel like a queen for the day: “Surprise me. Come pick me up with my clothes already picked out, the driver already there. You don’t even have to be there — send a driver for me, let me meet you at the gate … the date has to be extravagant. When I say extravagant, I mean a nice restaurant and rent it all out.”

When the girls asked Reginae what her toxic trait was, she kept it real and said, “I make up things in my head. If somebody’s not answering, I have the whole story made up.” How many girls can relate to that one? She also spoke about how important it is for her to feel equally yolked in a relationship, being a protective older sibling, her acting career, and her new fitness line!

6. Sex Education with Samia B.

Sex expert Samia B. joined the girls to break down the importance of foreplay (18-40 minutes of it, to be exact) before sex; communication during sex; and the difference between orgasming, ejaculation and climaxing. Samia B. also shares the four different types of ways that women can ejaculate and the importance of breathing during your climax. Lastly, she shares her four essential sex toys that every woman should try.

7. BG Boss of the Week

Nine-year-old YouTube sensation and recording artist Gracie Hollingsworth is the kid genius behind the Gracie’s Corner YouTube channel. She started the channel during the pandemic to promote education in a manner that centers diversity. Her YouTube channel has racked up over 730,000 subscribers and millions of views. She is the first-ever “BG Boss of the Week”!


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