Today (Aug. 5), Doechii unveils her new EP she / her / black b**ch, which consists of five dope cuts from the Floridian talent. In addition to appearances from Rico Nasty and Jst Ray, she / her / black b**ch also boasts the well-received remix of Doechii’s single “Persuasive,” complete with a matching verse from SZA over Kal Banx’s production:

How does it feel to be alive? Let me break it down ’til it feel right, how does it feel? I’m so aligned, and it’s so, devil himself can’t kill the vibe, I would hate me too, better get in line, I can’t control, it’s the flow, oh, it’s hard, can’t tell when to stop when I’m on one, oh, how does it feel? I’ll be the boss, I paid the price, get up off my balls, I said it nice, get up off that wall and change your life, take you to paradise…”

she / her / black b**ch follows last year’s Bra-Less EP, a four-song effort with a single assist from Leo Conoza. Prior to that, Doechii blessed the masses with 2020’s Oh the Places You’ll Go and its runaway TikTok hit “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake.” This year, Doechii joined the likes of Nardo Wick, Babyface Ray, and Saucy Santana as a member of this year’s XXL Freshman class, further expanding her career profile.

Back in March, Doechii made big headlines by signing to Top Dawg Entertainment and Capitol Records. In addition to a short statement from Doechii about cementing her legacy, the announcement also included some words from Top Dawg‘s head honcho Anthony Tiffith:

Top Dawg Entertainment is excited to partner with Capitol Records to provide a platform for Doechii to fulfill her artistic ambitions. Doechii’s energy is contagious and, together with Capitol, we’re committed to helping her share her gifts with the world.”

Press play on Doechii‘s she / her / black b**ch below.