/  08.04.2022

This week on the “Big Facts” podcast, hosts DJ Scream, Big Bank, and Baby Jade sat down with Atlanta, Georgia’s own CyHi the Prynce. The veteran emcee discussed several topics, including feuding with Joe Budden, being looked at as underrated, and his relationship with Kanye West. Check out a recap below.

CyHi’s popularity soared in 2010 after he received a co-sign from Kanye West, but he never quite achieved mainstream status despite his significant contributions as a songwriter. When asked how he receives being labeled as “slept on” and underrated as an artist, the 37-year-old appeared to take no offense.

“I understand that … I can understand that because I feel like as far as the marketplace, I don’t put out a lot of music,” the emcee explained. “I just feel like it’s time for me to just kind of work on my stuff.”

Still, CyHi admitted, “I got caught up into writing the diamond records and shit like that. People probably don’t even know I wrote but I just be like, ‘You know what? People want to hear my message.'” He added, “Most of the guys I work with, they’re not from the trenches – like, from Atlanta, the culture like I am. So I kind of feel like I’m the publicist for it. I think that’s what I’m here for.”

As aforementioned, the “Dat Side” musician has written for several notable entertainers in the business and is behind some of the biggest songs to date, but those names may never be revealed. CyHi opened up about the difficulties of not being able to publicly claim certain records.

“It’s tough because you want to kind of keep the integrity of the relationship cool. You want them to feel like they was a part, but they are a part … I tell people I ain’t writing like when T.I. wrote Lil Bow Wow raps. It ain’t like that,” he shared. “It’s like that assist, [a] sparring session to make sure the verse is coming out to where it need to be, in my opinion.”

Later on, CyHi opened up about the current status of his friendship with Ye. The frequent collaborators have had their differences in the past, but their issues now appear to be water under the bridge.

“Me and Ye good. We in a great space. I was out there in Miami with him when he was doing the Donda 2 project,” the rapper revealed before giving the Grammy Award-winner his flowers. “That nigga just a pioneer. He probably on to something bigger and better we ain’t even heard of yet. Bruh be having so many meetings with billionaires, and I just be soaking it up… soaking up the game — but nah, that’s my guy.”

For fans expecting to hear traces of the “Jail” emcee’s musical talents on CyHi’s upcoming project, he confirmed Ye worked on half a dozen records and even appears on two songs. “Ye is definitely on the project,” the rapper noted. “Like I said, it’s all family. [Pusha T] on there … we got Russ on it … I got Pink Sweats, 2 Chainz, Jack Harlow,” he continued before revealing the “Big Facts” podcast’s very own Big Bank also makes an appearance.

Elsewhere, the No Dope on Sundays rapper set the record straight regarding reports that he called out rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden during a freestyle performance. “One thing about Joe Budden, he be like, ‘Man, you can’t out-rap [me] … it’s a landslide,’” CyHi said, mocking the entertainer. “Bruh, you telling people I can’t out-rap a 45 -year-old podcaster. That ain’t good. At least be like, ‘He’ll be good competition, but I think I’ll win it.’”

CyHi admitted he may have triggered Budden’s comments over the years with various musical releases, but he firmly believes he could win a freestyle battle against the “Pump It Up” emcee. In addition, he said he’d be open to the idea of battling the retired rapper if the right people were to put it together. Speaking directly to Budden, CyHi said: “I got 200 bands. Meet me on a stage.”

CyHi believes Budden’s anger towards him stems from the podcaster admiring his work. “He has a thing. I just be poking at him,” he added. “It’s all fun and games.”

If you liked what you heard, be sure to stay tuned every week for new episodes of “Big Facts.” Also, don’t forget to watch the latest show featuring CyHi the Prynce here.


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