After pushback from Elon Musk on the timeline for his faceoff in court with Twitter, the court has ruled that the trial will begin in October, NPR reports.

Twitter is prepared to go blow for blow with the billionaire in a courtroom after he made the decision to call off a $44 billion deal to purchase the platform.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Musk put a halt to the deal citing that the company failed to provide him with reports on the number of spam and bot accounts on the app.

“The reality is that delay threatens irreparable harm to the sellers and Twitter, said Kathaleen McCormick, the chief judge at Delaware’s Court of Chancery.

Initially, Musk’s lawyers were hoping that the case could be pushed back to early next year. “The longer the delay, the greater the risk,” McCormick noted.

On the other hand, Twitter already has a slight victory over Musk in the case. The social media networking site made a request for an expedited four-day trial in September.

According to the lead attorney for Twitter, Musk’s threat to pull out of the deal “inflicts harm on Twitter every hour of every day.”

Musk’s lawyer, Andrew Rossman alleges that Twitter’s call for a September trial is “completely unjustifiable.” Furthermore, he believes that it would take months to analyze the application’s data while also seeking additional information from experts.

He also doubled down on Musk’s belief that Twitter has continuously given him the runaround with providing receipts for the number of spam and fake accounts that are currently active on the site.

“The answers that he got were alarming,” said Rossman. “The runaround that he got from the company was even more alarming.”

Twitter’s lead lawyer, Bill Savitt, simply believes that this is all a part of Musk’s plan to delay the trial “long enough to never really face a reckoning.”