Things got a bit spicy on today’s (July 14) episode of the “Caresha Please” podcast. Yung Miami sat down for a conversation with Kevin Gates.

The Louisiana rapper did not hold back a thing as he talked about his sex life, fantasies, mental health, Muslim faith, family and whether he really dated his cousin. This raw unfiltered and episode was indeed jaw-dropping so there was no doubt that Black Twitter went crazy.

“Kevin being nasty was nice (sticking out tongue emoji) but him touching bases on mental health for men was important. Because men swear they have to be so hard & hold things in. Every man should watch that part fr #Careshaplease,” said twitter user @annanicoleswift.

“I love a man who can express hisself fr. Yeah, you Superman, but Superman needs a break to. So yeah, get like Kevin,” she added.

“Kevin talking about how women going through their period is them cleansing all of the sins from the household. Seeeeeee I like this conversation. Everything doesn’t always meet the eye. #Careshaplease,” said @mouthyqueen.

Kevin Gates admitting to sleeping with his cousin and how he kept going when he found out is INSANE,” said @azarias416.

Kevin gates gotta be the freakiest nigga onna plant,” user @naeyvonne admitted.

“I know Kevin Gates run one of those Twitter accounts that post porn all day,” said @ohhmar24.

Kevin gates is 100% him.. this was the funniest, realest episode yet #Careshaplease,” said @gvldbricks1.

User @____melissaxo tweeted, “Kevin gates just made me want to change my whole lifestyle after hearing him on #Careshaplease.”

#Careshaplease AFTER THIS INTERVIEW WITH #KevinGates I AINT NEVER HAD SEX BEFORE,” said @shesooptimistic.

If you missed episode two of the “Caresha Please” podcast featuring Kevin Gates you can tune in via REVOLT’s official YouTube channel here, by downloading the REVOLT app here, or on our website here.