The biggest boss continues to add to his animal collection at his Georgia estate which he has renamed to the “Promised Land.” Rick Ross is now preparing to welcome his “pet cats” to the zoo extension of his million-dollar home.

Ross began to form the “Promised Land Zoo” back in February when he purchased a cow. Since then, he’s added two buffalos which were a gift from Ethika, and now a lion and lioness which will come from Senegal.

“We are gifting Ross these Buffalo after a conversation at his birthday party back in January. I wanted to get him a giraffe but he wasn’t ready for that commitment so he said let’s start smaller, like a cow,” Ethika’s Director of Brand Operations, Darius Burton, previously said of the gift. “I said nah, everyone has cows, I want you to have something nobody in your state has, I’m getting you a Buffalo.”

When Ross first began building out his zoo, he took to Instagram to express his excitement.

“I’m ready for it right now. I’m happier than a muthafucka! This a dream come true for Rozay,” he wrote earlier this year. “You know what this is for a young boy from Carol City to have horses and now a big boy?”

Now, he is preparing the “Promised Land Zoo” for two additional animals.

“My pet cats ready to come home,” wrote the “Aston Martin Music” emcee in a caption accompanied by a video in which a caretaker tells Ross that the cats are ready for him.

Throughout the year, Ross has invited fans onto his estate by sharing videos and photos to Instagram that include everything from him riding around on the 105 acres of land that his 54,000 square-foot home on a tractor to the animals he is adding to his collection.

He purchased the home, which previously belonged to heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield back in 2014 for a whopping $10 million.