Yesterday (May 25), hip hop artist and activist Trae tha Truth announced on social media that he’d been invited to the White House to discuss injustices within the community at the hands of police, but declined for another pressing issue.

“I was invited to the White House today to meet with the President with the families of those who have wrongfully been murdered by police,” the Houston native began.

He continued, “But the people of Buffalo, NY are really in need as well as the families of the children murdered in Uvalde … so I will have to pass, I will be in the field with the people in need.”

The last couple of weeks have been extremely emotional for our nation as we have watched two deadly mass shootings happen in such a short period.

On May 14, a gunman walked into a New York grocery store and killed 10 people with an assault rifle. All of the victims were Black and authorities said the attack was racially motivated. On May 24, another gunman armed with two assault rifles walked into a Texas elementary school and killed 19 children and two adults.

Although Trae skipped the White House meeting to discuss the important issue of police brutality, he kept his promise to be on the frontline for those in need. His next post announced a community food giveaway on the corner of Jefferson and Riley. This location is across the street from Tops Friendly Markets grocery store where the May 14 attack took place.

Since the mass shooting in Buffalo, Tops has been closed and barricaded. In a video from the food giveaway, Trae can be heard saying “there’s no open grocery store within miles” of the predominantly Black community. In addition to food, the “It Ain’t Fair” rapper provided diapers, baby wipes and other essential products. There was also a DJ and food trucks present for the event.

While in the area, Trae made sure to stop by Tops and pay his respects to the lives lost at a makeshift memorial along the store’s barricaded fence. Framed pictures of each of the victims, along with flowers and other offerings can be seen. Trae ended his post with “Prayers for Buffalo, NY. It’s a lot of hurt and sadness but we came together and made the best of it … Today was a blessing.”