Soon, WESTSIDE BOOGIE will unveil his sophomore project More Black Heroes, which has been led by well-received singles like “Outside” with Joey BADA$$ and — much more recently — “Aight” with Shelley fka DRAM. Just yesterday, he kept the momentum going with a “COLORS” performance of a new single titled “Stuck,” a Dart, Quintin “Q” Gulledge, Rance, and Keyel-produced cut that sees him pouring his heart out about wounds earned during his past life in the streets:

“Be the driver when I’m slumped, be my nigga if you clutch, I ain’t sayin’, ‘Fight my battles,’ you ain’t gotta be my crutch, told my momma that I love her, I don’t do that shit enough, I’m with bro-bro, wait, wait, I’m with bro-bro in the cut, I love the hood, you know I’m stuck … I’ll worry ’bout this shit tomorrow, why the fuck you actin’ sus’? … Caught me lackin’ in a party, swear to God, I can’t sit up straight … It’s somethin’ ’bout the hood, I love it, I ain’t goin’, no, I’m stuck…”

Now, fans can enjoy a full visual for “Stuck,” which keeps with BOOGIE‘s penchant bring scenes of gang culture to life while also steering away from what’s usually depicted on the small screen. At one point, the Cali star can be seen delivering his bars while high in air, all while an army of individuals who look like red-banded ninjas project him from below.

Upon its eventual arrival, More Black Superheroes will follow the critically acclaimed effort Everythings For Sale, a 2019 body of work that saw 13 tracks and additional features from JID, Eminem, 6LACK, Snoh Aalegra, Christian Scott, Shaé Universe, and more. Since then, he’s continued to feed his fans with a slew of loose cuts and freestyles — effectively and exponentially creating demand for a follow-up.

Until More Black Superheroes arrives, you can enjoy “STUCK” (both as an official video and the aforementioned “COLORS” set) below.