New York native Fivio Foreign has been putting in work for a minute, but yesterday (April 25), he made time in his busy schedule to visit the students at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While there, the “For Nothin” rapper touched on a variety of topics and even some dance moves.

As Fivio spoke to students about fashion and music, he also allowed them to ask questions about different aspects of his life.

One student asked what keeps him motivated. Fivio responded, “In reality, what keeps me motivated is the fact that when you do something, and you succeed, you don’t wanna stop.” He continued, “It’s like, when you workout. You workout, you’re going to the gym and somebody’s like ‘Damn, I see you going to the gym.’ It makes you wanna go to the gym more.” The “Big Drip” rapper gave credit to “the people” for pushing him in his daily motivation.

Another person in attendance asked about his mother’s impact on him. “Do you feel the energy of your mom — God bless her soul — that passed just before your career started taking off?”

“All the time. I just stop and be like ‘Damn’ I know none of this would be possible — “

Before he’s done answering, the same person asks if that helped him to better connect with Kanye West. West lost his mother Donda in 2007. Last month, Fivio and West partnered with Alicia Keys to deliver “City of Gods.”

Fivio revealed that he and Ye “share the same goals” and have “been through the same things.”

Before wrapping up his session at F.I.T., Fivio gathered the class together to teach them the choreography for his track “What’s My Name.”

To get more of this New Yorker, check out his headlining tour, “The Fivio Foreign Tour,” kicking off May 6 and stream his new album B.I.B.L.E.