August Alsina recently let fans know he’s abstaining from sex, but further details about his sex life will NOT be shared in a book. Taking to Instagram on Thursday (April 7), the 29-year-old singer shut down rumors that he’s working on a tell-all that will detail information about his sex life, including his entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith.

“What would be the need to write a book about my supposed ‘sex life‘ with ANYBODY, EVER, in life?…when they’ve written several fantasies, hypotheticals & fictions based about me on wattapad,” he wrote in a screenshot of a DM exchange. “If you’re looking for that kind of entertainment, go read those! Read the book called ‘HOLY BIBLE’ while you’re at it too, for whomever created and believed these lies.”

He insisted that he was busy “just living my life” and “trying to create peace” while clarifying that he’s not the least bit interested in making a tell-all for financial gain. “Why would one look to make that ‘type’ of money, eating from the lowest of fruit, when God’s promise GREAT HARVEST?” he asked. “I’m Gods very Own, so HE makes me RICH! Not just in spirit. Be blessed.”

In the caption to his post, August doubled down on claims that God will bless him, his personality and his pockets. “Cus playing w/ me AINT IT! Great attempt to assassin my character though,” penned the New Orleans native. “The part you’ve forgotten is, God gave me the LEADING role.”

The rumors about August’s sex life tell-all stemmed from The Sun, who reported that the singer was slated to sign a six-figure book deal detailing his romps with Pinkett Smith and the way his admission personally affected his life and career. The outlet said he was amid a bidding war among publishers, but according to the “Shake the World” star, the reports are false.

What’s true is that he currently is not “having sex” as his goal is to harness his energy. “I gotta keep harnessing my energy and life force to continue summoning energy for all the spells that’s been casted,” he told a fan during a Q&A.

See August Alsina’s post below.