This week saw August Alsina make an official return to music with “Shake The World,” which may or may not have been created in direct reference to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Oscars controversy and subsequent discourse:

“I heard I was cancelled, well, let’s speak on that, red dot on my back, I became a target, and I’m flawed but flawless, that’s what makes me August, name hotter than a eight month summer in Charlotte, and I’m great, no debate, no room for bargain, really walk it like I talk it, y’all just be barkin’, now if my shorty really ballin’, I nickname her Spalding…”

Yesterday, he took to Instagram to provide his fans with a cover of Beyoncé‘s B’Day (Deluxe Edition) standout “Flaws And All,” along with a message of appreciation:

“This post is far from perfect. & the journey hasn’t been quite the easiest, but that’s the point.
Thankyou [A] Nation & those have supported & lifted me up still when not fond of my own reflection. Flaws & All … I love you STEEL…”

For the uninitiated, All parties opened up about Alsina and Pinkett Smith’s relationship back in 2020, both via cryptic social media posts, interviews, and (for the Smiths) a Red Table Talk discussion. Alsina then brought the story to wax, teaming up with Rick Ross on the track “Entanglements“:

“I’m bein’ honest, baby, don’t want no strings attached, you just want a nigga that’s gon’ break your back, in half, no, I ain’t ’bout to play with that, you left your man to fuck with me just to pay him back, don’t you know that’s cold-hearted? Once you gone, no comin’ back, girl, you’re fuckin’ with a youngin’, I be doin’ shit he lack…”

Check out August Alsina‘s Beyoncé cover below — if you missed it, you can also enjoy “Shake The World” here.