The art of curating a compilation album is divine to say the least. It’s even better when you have a living legend and fashion icon like NIGO playing the point guard position. The creative process alone could make an amazing documentary, especially for NIGO’s newly released compilation I Know NIGO. The icon really shook the table with this release and it will more than likely change the way compilation albums are put together moving forward. There could not have been a better way to bring in New Music Fridays than by a well crafted, well orchestrated body of work like I Know NIGO and today (March 25), the world witnessed greatness yet again.

Serving as the streetwear icon’s first music release in almost two decades, following 2005’s NIGO Presents: Return of the Ape Sounds, NIGO signed with Universal Music Group in 2021 and released this project through Victor Victor Worldwide. Last week, the KENZO creative director teamed up with Steven Victor and KAWS to create special cover art for the record, featuring Victor Victor Worldwide’s iconic dog emblem with KAWS-inspired “XX” eyes surrounded by the album’s name.

For the compilation announcement, NIGO took to Spotify’s Instagram account to break the big news. Alongside previously released collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, Teriyaki Boyz and Pusha T, the album hosts additional features from Clipse, Pharrell, Gunna, A$AP Ferg, Pop Smoke and Tyler, the Creator –Yes, this album is a huge deal if you were wondering.

Speaking with Highsnobiety about the album, Victor discussed the process and its highs and lows: “It was a nightmare, full-on,” he said. “You’re dealing with artists on a half-dozen different labels and they’ve all got their own opinions — Then you’ve got logistics, clearing samples, getting the videos shot — we made sure to film them all in person with NIGO so that was an extra headache.”

Clearly, it was all worth the hard work and the late nights/early mornings and I Know NIGO will be considered a classic in years to come. Press play now!