When the clock strikes midnight, fashion legend Tomoaki Nagao — better known as NIGO — will release his new album I Know NIGO!, which will contain 11 cuts and contributions from A$AP Rocky, Clipse, Kid Cudi, A$AP Ferg, Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, and more. Just before the album arrives, fans get to check out a new visual from said project for “Come On, Let’s Go,” a collaboration with Tyler, the Creator and sees some additional production from Pharrell Williams. The booming cut sees Tyler a little more than annoying with his girlfriend, who’s making them both late for an apparent night out:

I told your ass be ready, you always got excuses and you know I be on top of things, punctual my proper name, on the dot is not your aim, although we in love, we are not the same, I hit you on that celly, agh, you said you needed five, that was more than twelve ago, claim you got your hands tied, tied, I’m stuck like Velcro…”

The short-but-effective clip for “Come On, Let’s Go” sees Tyler outside of his mansion, arguing with his love interest on the phone. That individual is first scene doing makeup through one window before appearing in front of another on the ground floor — all at the same moment than Tyler decided to climb to the roof of his house . Those who blink might miss a very quick cameo from Pharrell somewhere in the midst of it.

Check out “Come On, Let’s Go” and, if you missed it, the full tracklisting for I Know NIGO! below.

I Know NIGO! tracklist:

  1. “Lost & Found Freestyle 2019” by A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator, and NIGO
  2. “Arya” by NIGO and A$AP Rocky
  3. “Punch Bowl” by Clipse and NIGO
  4. “Functional Addict” by Pharrell Williams, Gunna, and NIGO
  5. “Want It Bad” by Kid Cudi and NIGO
  6. “Morë Tonight” by Teriyaki Boyz and NIGO
  7. “Paper Plates” by Pharrell Williams, A$AP Ferg, and NIGO
  8. “Hear Me Clearly” by Pusha T and NIGO
  9. “Remember” by Pop Smoke and NIGO
  10. “Heavy” by NIGO and Lil Uzi Vert
  11. “Come On, Let’s Go” by Tyler, The Creator & NIGO