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  /  08.18.2021

Wale is confident about his pen and his accolades, so he wants the world to know. On Wednesday (Aug. 18), the D.C. native took to Twitter to explain why he’s so “heavy on the gratitude.” Amid his explanation, he boasted about his talent as a rapper.

“When I say I’m one of the greatest rappers of all time,” he penned in a tweet. “I mean it with all my heart. I’ve put out more QUALITY music than most. My deep cuts are crazy. My singles all got plaques. Decade plus. THAT is why I’m heavy on the gratitude.”

The rapper’s tweet was met with different reactions, including approval from fans.

When one user told him that his supporters were supposed to crown him as one of rap’s GOATs, Wale said that they already do, adding he was “doubling down” on their thoughts. In another exchange, he argued against a follower’s belief that “great artists don’t tell you you’re great.” “Literally every great artist tells u,” he tweeted. “Literally. They want me dim my light so bad. I can’t tho.”

While Wale’s comment sparked some conversation, his statement is nothing he hasn’t said before. In June, before he took a social media break to recover from an unspecified sickness, he made the same claim while announcing a forthcoming project.

“I understand you may feel how you feel for whatever soembody told you…but I just wanna reiterate that I’m one of the greatest of all time,” he wrote in the tweet. “Catalog. Consistency. Influence. Longevity. DMV. With that said “#Folarin2” this summer.”

With a successful years-long career in the hip hop industry and a new album on the way, Wale’s gratitude is understandable. However, it’s not the only thing that he’s grateful for. The rapper took his talents to Hollywood and will appear in an upcoming movie titled Ambulance. “Great things in front of me,” he tweeted. “One time for Michael Bay, Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen and the whole cast. Heavy on the gratitude.”

See Wale’s tweets below.


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