/  07.22.2021

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What happens when the digital age meets hip hop nostalgia?

The people get dope bars, visuals and conversations thanks to “Off Top,” the new rap video countdown show powered by the network that knows hip hop culture best: REVOLT.

No more hopeful wishing about bringing back music video shows! Legendary rapper and artist Rapsody, and iconic hip hop television and radio personality host Big Tigger are here to help you. The two will also be joined by New York Power 105.1’s own DJ Nyla Symone who will provide the sounds for each episode, as well as assist the co-hosts on the couch when they interview featured talent.

“For all of you who are desiring this to be a ‘Rap City: The Basement’ reboot, it’s not quite that, but it is absolutely an amazing show, and we’ll give you what you need,” Big Tigger told REVOLT. “We’re bringing back that energy from the basement, but it’s not quite the basement.”

Viewers can expect to hear directly from their favorite artists about the process that goes into making visuals for some of their hottest hits. They will also hear from newcomers through music videos and exclusive interviews just like back in the day.

“I miss the days where I would get up all excited to watch my favorite videos or get introduced to new artists through those one-on-one conversations,” Rapsody added. “With ‘Off Top’ you’ll get to discover artists in depth. It’s not just what you see on a surface level. We’ll dive into what they do in their real lives and get to really see the human part of them.”

REVOLT’s CEO, Detavio Samuels, has wanted to bring back a rap countdown show for years, but knew that it wouldn’t be possible without heavy hitters to host it.

“It’s something that I’ve been dreaming of, but at the same time I knew that it was something that couldn’t be attempted without somebody like Tigger,” he said. “Tigger gives us this legacy and this nostalgia and the authentic connection to a rap countdown show; and on the other hand, Rapsody is the future, an extremely dope emcee and an incredibly dope Black woman.” 

Talk about a recipe for greatness… Rapsody just wants viewers to know that they can expect to hear bars and see artists in their true element.

“I’m excited for everybody to see it because, you know, sometimes people are like, ‘Yeah, they make good songs, but can they spit though?’” And so this is where you get a win because artists can showcase their bars, and just really kick back and have fun.”

“We’re really just kicking back and having fun, and that’s what I like the most about this show,” she continued. “You get to come and sit down with us, and just be who you are with no mask. If you’re goofy, you get to be goofy, if you’re enlightened, you get to spit that knowledge. This show is proof that you can have that duality as an individual. That’s what it’s all about.”

As someone who’s always loved music, DJ Nyla Symone can’t wait for fans to see the nostalgia that “Off Top” will bring, along with its modern spin.

“It almost feels futuristic. It’s super dope, our production team did an amazing job with designing the set and I’ve been blown away by some of the playback clips I’ve seen so far. Although it’s nostalgic in the sense of the content you’re getting, the show is completely different,” she told us.

The Southern Maryland native also says that working alongside Tigger and Rapsody is like a dream come true. 

“I was always naturally drawn to music as a kid,” she continued. “I grew up watching Tigger and have admired Rapsody so much because she’s a dope emcee who spits stuff that I feel like I can actually relate to. I’m still trying to take in the fact that I get to be a part of the show and am honored that they saw something in me to tap me to be involved in something like this. ‘Off Top’ will really be something that feels familiar, but is nothing like the shows we’ve experienced in the past.”

Amazing, real and needed are just a few words that Tigger used to describe “Off Top.” He expressed that the show will accomplish a lot while providing fans with stunning visuals.

“The amazing kind of covers everything that happens in the show, the different levels and fibers of the show. The real is the conversational part. Me and Rapsody are really just sitting down with our favorite folks and learning more about them.

“And lastly, this show is as authentic as it gets. I know that artists are much more transparent and much more in tune with their fans through social media these days. But, if you’re a casual fan, or somebody who just might be slightly familiar with an artist, this will give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to you,” the co-host said.

Along with music videos, “Off Top” will feature freestyle performances and exclusive interviews with artists like Soulja Boy, King Combs, Guapdad 4000, Latto, Erica Banks and more.

Don’t miss the premiere on REVOLT, July 23rd at 9:00 pm ET followed by new episodes each and every Friday.


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